End of the world.

Written for the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #63

“It is the end of the world,” someone chokes; there is a lull.
Stockpiling food for twenty years and toilet paper rolls,
But we’re all out—what do we do
Go out to Walmart, brawl with others like a zoo;
Then leave empty handed—outside, someone is selling them $100 per half roll!

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  1. These times remind us that being open to new thoughts can be useful.
    Toilet paper can be many a thing, unneeded papers, soft leaves, newspaper, washable material squares with napisan in a bucket.
    Good times for those who have what they need, but always wash your hands!

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  2. Thanks, you too! For a change, the safety is in fewer numbers …

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  3. You’ve captured the insanity so well!

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  4. We live in a crazy world….where people think of themselves….What happened to the awareness? We surely live in the modern world with big ego, where we don’t think of others…narrow minded…shallow minded…

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  5. The world did not end in a bang or a whisper but rather one scream at a time.

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  6. Nice description of the me, me, me mentality that seems so presently pervasive. It is sad that we seem to
    have lost our feeling of community and sharing.

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  7. Yes, well I think we are on similar pages… if not sheets. I’ve gone for a triple-ply though.

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  9. So sad, isn’t. You portrayed it beautifully

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  10. My toilet paper will hold out until the leaves are big enough.

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  11. This is the way people take advantage of the situation. 🙂 Money is above all.
    Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.

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  1. WINNER of the Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest 3/20/2020 | Chelsea Ann Owens

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