“Who cares what we eat?” by Navnidhi Vyas.

Who cares what we eat?
Just calming stomach’s heat
Extra spicy , fried and sweet
Be it eating or doing a cheat?

Who cares what we eat?
Overweight is common sight
Glucose, lipids are at heights
Are we losing our health rights?

Who cares what we eat?
Gain cash at stake of fit
Drain cash to regain it
Are we fooling our intellect?

Who cares what we eat?
Pills might be diet next
Gifting ills to gen next
Is this we taught by our ancients?

I’m a professional clinical dietician from India. I’ve started this blog to share my knowledge, passion and creation about healthy diet. Besides planning personalized diet plans for various health conditions, I’ve also invented some interesting diet games to spread nutrition awareness, check my blog to learn with fun. I also enjoy calligraphy, photography, writing and poetry.

To check out more of Navnidhi Vyas’s work, go here.

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17 replies

  1. Thank you for publishing!! 🙂

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  2. I try not to duplicate too much, but this is too good not to share..


    peace, inward freedom fighters

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  3. Great use of poetic imagery to call attention to what we eat. The body is the temple of the soul, and the health of one intimately touches the other.

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  4. Love the historical perspective in the last line! Great poem!

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  5. most beautiful poem I have ever read on diet!

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