Story Collaboration: Chapter 11 Posted. Who wants Chapter 12 & 13? (No claims on it yet!)

Hello and welcome back to the Little Writing Workshop of Horrors Story Collaboration Edition. We are now up to chapter 11 in this story (which you can read below). Now, here’s my question: Who wants to claim chapter 12 and 13? Separate authors, preferably. 😉

Regarding the latter number, I’d like to think that 13 is special, especially for the horror genre. So bring your worst, let your imagination haunt us all, and dear lord, do not forget to bring extra socks. We want to be scared out of our socks for this chapter! (and by we, I mean me).

Recap: In chapter ten, we delve into the childhood of Charles “Charlie” Evans and some background of Dr. Frankensti who, for the young boy, was a plush doll of Dr. Frankenstein that came alive through Charlie’s “active” imagination. It’s still unclear exactly who Dr. Frankensti is and how he first appeared in the child, but it’s gradually assumed that as Charlie approached adolescence, he suppressed his violent, raging monster.

But, his monster was prevalent in his younger years. Dr. Frankensti emerges out of fear and protection of Charlie, even if the road is paved with the best of intentions. Charlie’s nanny, Joy, is frightened of the disturbed child.

On a hot day, Nanny Joy takes a quizzical Charlie to the park, but soon leaves him alone by himself to play. He observes the trees and flowers, keeping track of how many of them he has seen here before, including how many flowers continue to grow in the garden. One particular flower falls on his hand enrapturing Charlie with its colors, until he is told that it’s actually an insect. This causes Charlie to have a severe panic attack. It is revealed that Charlie has previous trauma from possibly being abandoned at birth; he was born in a butterfly sanctuary, which gave him a fear of insects. From the commotion, Nanny Joy comes to the rescue.

They go back home, and Nanny Joy orders Charlie to take an afternoon nap. Dr. Frankensti protests, declaring that she neglected Charlie in the park. Fed up with Charlie’s use of the Frankenstein doll, she chucks it in the trash, and she heads to the drawing room to start drafting her resignation letter. Unbeknown to Joy, the monster awoke when she finds him in the drawing room.

Dr. Frankensti corners her, demanding an explanation why she tried to abandon Charlie at the park. Scared for her life, Nanny Joy decides to make a break for it and Dr. Frankensti runs after her:

However, the chase ends abruptly when Joy slips and cracks her skull, dying instantly from the impact. Charlie, as Dr. Frankensti, tastes the blood gushing from her wound, eager for more.

Below are the rules as are posted with every new chapter to remind old-comers and newcomers how the collaboration works and what is considered acceptable. Know the rules? Just skip down below to read the chapter.

As of chapter seven, the prior rules have changed. Previous authors who have submitted chapters can submit again for future ones. This goes for anyone who submits now as well. Submitted a chapter? You can submit more or claim more in the future. There are no limits, but there is an implied courtesy to not claim chapters one after the next. This is so everyone can have a chance to participate.

When there’s a lull or hiatus in the story, and no one has claimed the chapter, I will jump in to write.

Remember the rules if you want to participate:

  • Leave a comment expressing direct interest in writing a chapter. If you’re the first to ask, the writing baton is bestowed upon you for that chapter. You must comment to reserve a place and when it is your turn, I will remind you in the comments section. Clock’s ticking, though! You have three days from that point to write the chapter and send it back to me as well. However, if I don’t hear back past three days, I will be looking for another participant to write the chapter.
  • Please do not submit to the form without commenting your interest in writing a chapter. Multiple author submissions are allowed! Submitted a chapter previously? No worries. You can jump in for more anytime. But, you gotta be first to claim it!
  • The minimum word count is 500. The maximum word count I will accept is 5,500. When it’s your turn, submit your continuation here where I will then review and edit it. The day after you submit your continuation and it is accepted, the chapter will be posted and the process starts all over again.
  • I will not accept anything religious, outwardly political, hateful, pornographic, slurs, or anything that is demeaning, threatening or harmful in its content. Please nothing that is against a particular group, or anything that demeans a certain group of people that would be considered racist, homophobic, sexist, religious discrimination or prejudice. I will not accept your piece if that is such the case.

No clue what’s going on in the story so far? We got you.

Chapter One by Lucy

Chapter Two by Liyona

Chapter Three by James Strummer

Chapter Four by Matt Snyder

Chapter Five by Silver Stone

Chapter Six by DK

Chapter Seven by Lucy

Chapter Eight by CRC Ghost Bun

Chapter Nine by Thryaksha

Chapter Ten by Matt Snyder

Chapters claimed:

I will be re-posting this to attract different readers and writers of different time zones internationally. If you reblog this and I re-publish the post, the link will lead to an error message. The way to fix this would be to update the link on your end.

Chapter 11 by PatBunny

A/N: I have zero experience writing horror, sci-fi, or anything of the sorts. I don’t know anything about technology either, but I tried my best to make it sound realistic. Hope you guys like it!

Charles’s POV

Waves of regret washed over me. This was all my fault. I had been too tired to fight back, and I let Dr. Frankie take over. This could have been stopped. I should have known better.

The thoughts kept coming, voicing their outpouring hatred, and my head began to hurt. I felt stupid. How could I have not known?

Dr. Frankensti’s POV

I chuckled as I walked out of Z’s office. That fool. He didn’t know what was coming. I closed the door behind me and then waited. The minute Z walked out of that office, the knife in my hand would be put to good use. Sure, I had offered him immunity if he gave me his position. But, if there was anything I had learned, it was that my secrets are only safe with the dead.

It took Z a while to bandage his hand; I could hear him swearing and screaming in pain. Finally, there was silence. He’s holding it pretty well together, I thought. I couldn’t believe this man, this man of all the capable men out there, could have held the reins to one of the finest agencies in the world. I loitered a few more moments behind the huge wooden mahogany door, but Z didn’t come out.

“That bastard better not be calling the police,” I muttered through gritted teeth. He was taking his sweet time in there.

I was just about to push open the door when there was a huge crash. I flung the door open, only for my eyes to travel to the far side of the room and instantly darken. The window of the 9th story building now had a gaping hole the size of Franz Zeransky. “You bastard!” I screamed. “You fucking ruined everything!”

Charles’s POV

Through the mental cage Dr. Frankie had put me in, I saw the same scene, but in a new light. I didn’t think Z had it in him, but I had just gained a new level of respect for him. Z had actually managed to put a wrench in Frankie’s plans. I looked around the room as Frankie cursed out Z. The revolver was still beside the floor, the bloody pen dripping into a pool of blood. But something was off.

Why was Frankie upset? Didn’t he want Z dead?


Dr. Frankensti’s POV

“My god, you bastard, idiot, imbecile, fool, nincompoop, nitwit, fucking dummy!” He’d ruined it all. I’d underestimated his smarts, and it had led to possibly the biggest mistake of my life. With Z gone, there was no one else I could take hostage. No one else to force to give me the throne, the power, the position. No one.

Z was gone. I didn’t have time on my hands, I knew. I would have to hack into the servers myself.

I sat down at Z’s desk and pushed aside all his clutter, papers, and pens. The pool of blood was now smeared across the mahogany wood, and I had a sudden desire to lick it right off. Concentrate, I thought. You have to clean up the mess yourself this time.

I took no time in hacking into the mainframe data stream, and it was only a matter of minutes before I was in. The folders of data, all at the tips of my fingers. I just had to pick the right one. Suddenly, the screen froze on me.

Warning: You have been locked out of the files. Warning: You have been locked out of the files. Warning: You have been locked out of the files.

The computer kept repeating the same message, and my frustration boiled over. I was not thinking clearly because the next minute, there was a collection of scrap metal and wires where a computer had once been. I huffed in annoyance.

Time to find the big guns.


Franz Zeransky’s POV

I wrapped the long coat around me tighter. My hand was still dripping blood, but slowly now, inconspicuously even. The blotch of red on the black coat was barely visible, and I hoped that no one would stop me. I just had to make it home.

The pain was still diluted with feelings of adrenaline, even though it had been half an hour. I shook my head and let myself smile. I had just barely gotten out of there alive. I didn’t think I had it in me to jump from a 9th story window. Who would’ve thought I would be lucky enough to even be alive right now?

Venus’s advice stuck with me: Scale down the wall before you jump, and when you do, land on your feet and tuck your knees in. I said a little thank you to the dead woman who had saved my life today and wiped the smile off my face.

Frankie was still out there, and he had to be stopped. I knew I wasn’t the best leader, but at least I wasn’t Frankie. The agency wouldn’t survive a day under him. The monstrosity of his techniques… I shuddered, dear God. My hand began to throb, and I hobbled a bit faster.

What had I done? Charles was the most mellow guy I had ever met, and as Viper, he still seemed…normal, I guess. But this guy, Frankie? He was a spawn of evil and nothing like the man I had once known. I climbed up my front steps and opened the door. I barely made it inside and closed it when the steel barrel of a gun was pressed against the side of my head.

“Frankie, Dr. Frankenzti, pleaze, pleaze don’t. I am zo zorry. Pleaze.” My fingers fumbled with the lock and sweat began to form.

“Señor, dar la vuelta por favor,” Sir, please turn around.

I almost passed out in happiness. It wasn’t Frankie. I put my hands up as I slowly turned around.

“Gracias, señor.” Thank you, sir.

I looked up at the man who was standing in my house with a gun pressed against my forehead. And then, my face registered shock.

Charles’ POV

The gun felt cold in my hands, cocked, ready to fire. Z was shocked, but all I knew was sheer joy. I had made it out, and I was never going back in again.

10 Comments on “Story Collaboration: Chapter 11 Posted. Who wants Chapter 12 & 13? (No claims on it yet!)

  1. good continuation, but i thought the company sold data to criminals, that was established in the first 2 chapters. Or isn’t Charles aware of that ? Hence, why he would worry that Z was calling the police. I would think the police would never be called.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I took it as that he was worried since he technically held Z hostage in exchange for his position for world or global power. And before that, stabbed him with a pen.

      He had his reasons for being concerned, I think, because there’s now a trail of evidence in his violent tendencies as in chapter eight, for example, where Z watched the carnage through the cameras.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Ok Gotcha either way great continuation, when its all said and done you gonna call it anything ? I plan to write a short based on the teen version of charile on my own.

        Liked by 2 people

      • The story is called, “In My Eyes.”

        Funny enough, I had the title all the way back to chapter one and now it’s actually connected to the plot. 😃

        Also, that is cool! I would definitely read that and re-blog it on here (if you’re okay with that).

        Liked by 2 people

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