Horror House Wednesday Flash Fiction Contest #4

**While new prompts will no longer be posted, please indulge in any prompt here that peaks your interest. You can link it down below or create a ping-back.

Hello and welcome back! We are on week number four of the Horror House Flash Fiction Contest.

 This week’s prompt is this:

“Isn’t this… Romantic?”

“You’re a psychopath.”

The origin is from my own twisted mind. Drop your best at the door, and give me your worst. You’re in the horror house after all.

But, really, please do utilize the prompt in any shape or form you’d like. There is no word count limit anymore, but anything up to or under 1,000 words is good for a piece to be still considered flash fiction. As well, any genre is accepted. While this is called the Horror House, we don’t discriminate. 😉

You can submit your entries in this comment section, even put a link of the piece from your blog in the comments, or alternatively create a pingback, and I will decide on a winner the next Tuesday—the day before the prompt starts over again. Everyone’s entries will be included in a separate post, aside from the winner.

You can make it into any genre you want, you can use explicit language, violence, horror and gore. But please nothing discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, prejudice or harmful/demeaning to a group of people.

Have fun with it, and happy writing!

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  1. Good afternoon, Lucy! I am new to word press and had a look at your blog after you liked one of my posts, I saw your competition brief and thought it sounded a lot of fun so I have wrote a story for it which I’ve published on my blog. Please excuse the title of the link, I haven quite got my head around how the site works yet…

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  2. thank you that’s very kind 🙂

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  3. I’m just gonna put it here.

    There was something about the way he wrapped his fingers around my neck. My inner instincts set off the fire alarm. However my burning
    desire was in full control, his eyes sent a quiver down my spine, as my lips awaited his.
    As he continued to hold my neck he moved me backwards until he laid me across the table, never losing eye contact. He straddled me, feeling his knees pressing the sides of my waist. His fingers tighten, this somehow aroused me more. He leaned down, me anticipating that kiss far to long now. He smiled began to part his lips, then is was to late as I saw the razor blade between his teeth blood dripping in my face. As my vision began to fade, my last thought why didn’t I heed the alarm. I saw myself upon the table, his calm deadly charm was the death of me. Fini

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    • Oh, wow! This is so good. What a great ending—I can’t stop laughing with how you utilized the prompt quote. The imagery is awesome, and I believe you’re the first to actually include the quote in your piece rather than having it as subtext. Great work.

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      • Thank you!! Well I thought the quote is something that I could actually use in my piece and here is the result. I think it made the piece a little horror-comedy type. Thanks again for the appreciation.

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    • Enjoy I certainly did!

      This is engaging and so humorous. I started cracking up at the proposal. Oh lord. Hahaha. I loved the ending too.

      You used the prompt fantastically, and it was well-written and well done. Excellent.


  4. Aww thanks Lucy.

    Initially the prompt suggested a much darker story to me (something about a stalker maybe?) But I wanted to do something a little lighter and I think the flash fiction format lends itself to those kinds of fun anecdotal stories really well.

    Thanks again

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  5. Baaack to darken your doorstep again, Lucy.
    Work In Progress.
    ‘Isn’t this… romantic?’
    “You’re a psychopath.”
    ‘Im TRYING to be empathic
    So let’s not make this a bloodbath.’
    ‘What my psychiatrist proposes
    is i indulge in sympathetic thinking-
    So heres a bunch of wine and roses
    For your nose and for our drinking.’
    ‘Your eyes look wary and distrustful
    Even as my finest Cabernet you sup
    Do my cold eyes turn red and lustful
    As I see scarlet dripping from your cup?’
    ‘Ive prepared a five-star meal
    Fois gras, truffles and sirloin steak,
    My culinary eye can scarce conceal-
    The chef’s made an all too rare mistake,’
    ‘I swore I’d strain to show restraint
    But the truth is, you know I lie,
    Now you look like you’ve seen a haint-
    Now the knife points out your blind eye.’
    It’s the nature of the beast
    To take a lamb to slaughter,
    My famine’s turned to a feast
    And my loves blood flows like water.

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  6. Started off more light humour, finished up darker than expected. Again!

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  7. Here’s my entry Lucy!
    My first horror piece, hope you like it 🤞🏻:)

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  8. https://nehalsays.wordpress.com/2020/07/07/flash-fiction-4/

    Here is my attempt at your prompt. Hope you like it😊
    Let me know

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  9. It’s my first time
    Hope to enter again
    That is a nice exercise for writing
    I did it quite hurriedly I am afraid it wasnt that good
    Glad to enter though

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    • It is really good! It was thrilling to read.

      And where are my manners? It’s your first time here? Welcome to the horror house. We do hope you enjoy your stay. Just don’t try the breakfast in bed and don’t look into those funny noises in the floorboards and you’re golden!

      Jokes aside, I hope to see more entries from you in the future. Thank you for participating. 😃

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  10. Thanks A lot
    I will look out for more of these

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  11. Is the contest still open for posting?

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