“Ballade for the Ultimate Seeker” by Stavyah.

Like the Sun that shines, radiating bright light,

a guru disseminates thoughts lofty and wise.

Using his power, directness, and mystical might,

pulls you out of every single and dangerous vice.

Get closer to your guru, feel the spiritual rise,

an elevation that could get you to the worlds beyond;

but if you utter untruths or say blatant lies,

a guru will not deride you, nor will he break the bond.

If your thoughts dovetail with his, it will be a worthy sight;

and if he made you his friend, that would be verily nice.

Only he can raise you to what is called the spiritual site;

and tell you how to survive without maize, wheat, or rice.

Sages and seers in India have always had this piece of advice:

Revere your guru, pay heed to him, with him readily correspond;

but if you still have feelings that are seemingly unwise,

a guru will not deride you, nor will he break the bond.

Take refuge in your guru, do what is rightfully right;

and shun dwelling in a fool’s paradise.

Become calm, unnoticeable, omnipresent, and light,

chewing over the fact that everyone, including you, dies.

Your guru will also ensure that you get rid of bad ties,

to your queries he will be more than elated to respond;

but if you still cast aspersions or willfully fail to arise,

a guru will not deride you, nor will he break the bond.

Ask your guru if a world exists over those vast blue skies.

You will soon be turned into a contented spiritual vagabond;

but if you still make it a point to distrust and criticise,

a guru will not deride you, nor will he break the bond.

To check out of Stavyah’s work, go here.

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6 replies

  1. Lucy, you are the guru of poetry. Bravo.

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  2. thanks Lucy! Reading this brightened my morning and helped me feel less alone!

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  3. Wow! This was certainly needed this morning. I love it!

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