“Daydream” by C. Wesley Tanner.

Dancing in the night, you and I,

And laughing in delight.

You only recently became a

Daydream but have always been here,

Running beside me as I

Escape the reality around me,

And chase the dreams that

Mock my deepest fears.

Not my most brilliant piece of work, but hey, writing this poem inspired two other poems that were far better!

To check out more of C. Wesley Tanner’s work, go here.

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9 replies

  1. C, I’m astonished. This is VERY brilliant and beautiful. And I ain’t blowing smoke. It’s concise, but it has poignancy in the theme, along with hope perhaps.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. I think it’s lovely.

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  2. Lovely poem! Very well crafted 🙂

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