“dream (returning hand in hand)” Poem Published in Free Verse Revolution.

I’m very happy to announce that my poem “dream (returning hand in hand)” has been published in Free Verse Revolution. It was written for the August submission theme, dreams and nightmares, under my pseudonym.

You can read the poem here. My utmost thanks and gratitude to Kristiana Reed for accepting my piece.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Thank you for reading my poem.

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39 replies

  1. Congratulations poetess xoxoxo you rock!

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  2. Congratulation, Lucy. The poem is wonderful.

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  3. A stunning piece, Lucy!

    “and a sea,
    cocktails of sweat

    death at the ground.”

    Are the words that encompass this poem for me and turn it into that feeling of a dream we do not understand.

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  4. Congrats … your usual flourish!

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  5. Congratulations Lucy. Way to go.

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  6. Many congratulations Lucy, quite an amazing piece.

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  7. Ah Lucy, the poem is fantastic. I guess fantastic is not the best word to describe the beauty of it, but I am dumbfounded if not more.

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  8. I read it Lucy.. and i must say it is EXQUISITE !!

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