mad to the moon.

Frost labors
my neck, the snake
of womb in there
Eastern Europe
then the admonitory
shores to the oneiric
seize of our fruits
dismembered with
white at the
tentacles of spring
Gimcrack, exiled
in arabian perfumes;
shun me, music,
like a stranger
in the romance
in sedated blood
of the Sahara,
in which the snap of bone
is first heard like Pharroh’s
whip to my ankle-bones;
and I still seek
those arabian perfumes
Lady Macbeth whispered
to the pink bare of her hands,
carved like the little girl
in first love of wine
in her blood; vanilla skin
the white of bones
reflects to the red-hills
dwelling my dark blonde
mad to the moon.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: “Give a detailed description of what you see in the mirror, or to use that as a springboard to head off in an unexpected direction. Give me a portrait of yourself as an extended metaphor…”

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39 replies

  1. I love how you brought it home to the title… you make the night seem brighter than day.

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  2. A wonderful piece, Lucy! The language is exquisite; I especially love ’the oneiric / seize of our fruits’ and ‘Gimcrack, exiled in arabian perfumes’, and the reference to Lady Macbeth, mad to the moon indeed.

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  3. Wow, Lucy – so intense. Your colour palette is dark and troubling, and then that small, pink hand!

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  4. My goodness this is good! 💝 I love; “music,like a stranger in the romance pollinating in sedated blood
    of the Sahara.”

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  5. I am always amazed at your word skills Lucy .

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  6. powerful wordsmithing, dark like you and your black cat 🙂

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  7. This is rich Lucy! I too find deeper truth in darkness. Well written.

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  8. Woww … Beautifully penned ❣️

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  9. Interesting images here revealing you to us… Love the ankles snapping like Pharaoh’s whip. As my hearing diminished I thought my ankles quit cracking. Then I got hearing aids and found out they still do!!

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  10. you’ve peeled some aspects of you with such eloquence, Lucy. beautiful

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  11. This is such an intriguing portrait: full of music and mystery!

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  12. lovely imagery 🙂

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  13. Oo, I love how this poem travels the world through exotic spices and landscapes and ends by going beyond what we know to what we think we know; there could be no better title for this piece! 🙂

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  14. This one feels like a labour of love ❤

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