blanket me.

Disturbs alone / a knot of darkness
in the bridle and umbrage
blanketing the red koi leaves of grass / the ambrosiac death
naked in a dance / under the moon; heart whittled / a sea sings the backbone and root of grief
remembering once the mantric lights.

Written for the dVerse prompt: Use blanket as a noun, adjective, or verb. Describe a blanket, real or imagined. Make a blanket statement. Be cozy, dark, sensual, or funny. Maybe you want to blanket us with sunshine or warmth or blanket us under snow. Your choice, as long as your poem is 44 words.

51 thoughts on “blanket me.

    1. I can see those parallels about a death wish. I combine both aspects–grief and desire, I think. Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s always appreciated. 🙂


  1. I love that in among the darkness and ‘ambrosiac death’ there is rich colour in the ‘red koi leaves of grass’, Ingrid. I also love the bleakness of the lines, ‘heart whittled / a sea sings the backbone and root of grief’.

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  2. Lucy, I’m awed by these phrases, “abrosiac death,” “mantric lights”: the desire and compulsion driving the persona into a “knot of darkness” is powerfully executed in your imagery. Amazing.

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