“Castle of Devils” by M Jay Dixit.

Void gnawed at my guts

                teeth that called my name

Pale heat of foreign city

                such nights sighed tears – where

Bone Fishhook moon

      throws silver knives

          Stabbing heart

              Violent Eyes

                  Rude hands

                       Absent manners

                            Prejudiced Minds

Baby Fingers tickled deep in womb

                Mindless Terror and desperate longing

Though Void’s emptiness shielded love

                The tapping fingers did soothe – by

solitudes wish

    gnarled tree trunk

        mothers lunch

              filled belly

                  a cosy bed

                      oily sunshine

                          friendly bathroom

There but I sat, as fall Sun flowered

                Consumed Moon shone with dim accuracy

Another day in grey life dawned

                Cold wind blew Cigarette Ashes – as

 Morning charms

      A hunted man

          The void widens

               Extinction vector

                   Hateful Strangers

                        Foreign Curses

                            Strange Hatreds

                                Castle of Devils

                                     Skull of Saints

The following five “duologues” are taken directly from “The Pale Impromptu” by Samuel Greenberg. Pale heat; Solitudes wish; Consumed Moon; Dim Accuracy; Skull of Saints. I came to know about this unique form of poetry through dversepoets.com

To check out more of Jay’s work, go here.

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  1. You’ve done this really well, Jay!

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  1. Castle of Devils featured in A Little Writing Workshop of Horrors – September heart-to-hearts

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