she takes.

No use for the forget-me-nots

my fingers are frozen on the congeries of madness,

please do not find my duplicity;

through veins darkly, my pet virus born

twirls the tribe of aurochs—

but even then it could not embody

an unbridled death to her bosom,

we doth part, legs dither,

heart ungrieved; if shyness shamed 

the oceans slaughting 

a bag of bones, it lain a stentorian love 

if shyness shamed

she recalls in deathly naught the beguile 

of roses, adulterated by her fingers,

written in verses yet morose 

for fear of happiness undeceived,

propelling from the di-mania, pet virus

forgives each abuse, offering hand into smite,

a hand she takes in flattery; 

a single finger scorned.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “she takes.

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