death’s bouquet.

in womb, the fingers of tree

an ancestress trunk in sects of strife,

as born and lived through roots

like fossil teeth, pressing to death’s bouquet

in November’s winds; shackled

in ebbs and flows, mosaics of flattered

seas are astray, where they are now writhing

for their shamed skeletons;

they are conches swayed, rocking

for what never existed.

I drown into the ancient

mist, mouth in the red heart

of the ocean’s bosom, lain yet a shyness

or coldness nigh roses, never dust.

Fingers pried in circuity,

displeased at winter’s eye lay bare

in cosseted hibernations, scorn

elk and deer; your ancient words

die, yet still it is abused delighted

in elysian tombs, in times thrilled

too soon, unbridled in naught shadows

but the dither of the moon, and the dying echoes

as a sequitur.  

Written for the dVerse prompt: Write a poem about November and tell us what it means to you.

Mainly a stream of consciousness piece, but with a cycle of reflection of oneself and loving/hating the cold weather that comes with November. That’s what it means to me. 🙂

Some Of Us” by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard was a large inspiration for this poem. I played it on repeat while writing.

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  1. what a fabulous fantasy mix of images – I love this line especially “the dither of the moon, and the dying echoes”

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  2. Yes, I liked ‘the dither of the moon’ too.

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  3. This is how November really feels… the death and darkness is what it really is all about.

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  4. Beautiful once again, I love the ancient Greek reference ‘elysian tombs’, somehow adds another dimension. November nutshell.

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  5. i am not sure, as yet, what it means to me;
    apart from the immediacy of the shape:
    which i love.

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  6. I felt that November wind today, Lucy. No ancient mists today, but we’ve had a few already – North Norfolk is notorious for its mists and sea frets. I love the image of ‘mosaics of flattered seas’, the ‘dither of the moon’ and the ‘dying echoes as a sequitur’.

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  7. Gorgeous!! 💝 Yes, I agree 🙂 November is unmistakably a month that allows one to brood and to be buoyant at the same time. Especially love; “I drown into the ancient mist, mouth in the red heart of the ocean’s bosom, lain yet a shyness or coldness nigh roses, never dust.” 💝

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  8. Absolutely lovely!

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  9. After I read the last word, I felt a very woky.
    And these lines are golden. ❤

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  10. I agree with two above, ‘dither of the moon’, is madly right.

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  11. i always think that stream of consciousness is really hard, but enjoyed following yours and seeing the images and feelings that have been conjured up in your mind and formed in the words.

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  12. From the title, to the ending lines, your poem reverberates with death and darkness that captures the mood of November. Those elysian tombs hint of another time and place, adding another mysterious element to your poem.

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  13. Unless you have means to get to the tropics, your choice is:
    “ancestress trunk in sects of strife,
    as born and lived through roots
    like fossil teeth, pressing to death’s bouquet”
    Intense and honest writing, as usual, Lucy.

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  14. Lucy, this poem feels like a brisk cold November wind. It unwinds from tree to mist to the cold ocean. Wonderful imagery throughout.

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  15. The imagery is so vivid, definitely the kind of poem you read more than once to full absorb!

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  16. I love the imagery here – “writhing for their shamed skeletons” is so November!! Death’s bouquet is the perfect title! You have a distinct style that is perfect for November.

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  17. I think November is a month well-suited to the imagery your poetry conveys: ‘death’s bouquet’ is such a poignant way to frame it. That’s indeed what we see in November in the Northern Hemisphere.

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  18. A dark poem for a dark month! Great descriptive imagery!

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  19. Oh my!… like fossil teeth. That is so brilliant, Lucy.

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  20. This is beautiful Lucy. Though I live in Arizona, I find myself longing for those dark days at times. I believe they give us the opportunity to reflect and rest our souls.

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  21. Dark as November in the Northern Hemisphere’s coldest regions …. captured well.

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  22. Wow, just… wow.
    Even as a writer, I don’t have the words to Express what I felt towards this… work of ART.

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  23. I love this Lucy! I like how poetry can just paint a mental picture instantly 😆 I would also like to nominate you for the Mystery Blogger Award if you haven’t already. Just follow this link and it has everything you need 🙂

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