Icy thorns in kestrel snow,

I gather them for you; plunging

ire to your still desert, stave

it in illness, black lilies

incite the gallows you bring

into the ladies of dust

if the blood oceanid parts.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: Write a poem using the PLEIADES FORM (click HERE  for MTB 16/10/14 post on this). Pick a ONE-WORD TITLE  then write a SEVEN-LINE poem of SEVEN SYLLABLES  whereby each line begins with the FIRST LETTER of your title.

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50 replies

  1. I love every bit of this… the kestrel snow, the ire, and blood oceanid parts…

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  2. All those ‘I’ sounds really ring out here, Lucy – you have aced it!

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  3. I love the way the initial long ‘I’ echoes in the opening lines in ‘icy’ and ‘ire’ and then becomes a short ‘I’ sound in ‘illness, black lilies / incite the gallows you bring’. The ladies of dust sound mysterious.

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  4. Fascinating write with that sensational opener. Looked up Ionad in the Irish – at first I thought it was a reference to Jupiter’s moon

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  5. Impressive intensity of imagery, Lucy. You aren’t afraid of those “i” words. Such confident writing.

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  6. “Confident writing” indeed. I loved the “black lilies” and “plunging ire to your still desert”. You navigate the prompt form with your usual aplomb.

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  7. Who likes this work? I.

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  8. This is gorgeous. I especially like “black lilies incite the gallows.”

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  9. Wow Lucy, this is amazing, love it ❤️

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  10. I really love that kestrel snow. Wonderful.


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  11. Brava! You never cease to amaze!

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  12. I like the way the line breaks work to change the rhythm. I agree about the kestral snow, too, it just sounds good as well as creating a lovely image.

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  13. This poem is sensational Lucy. The workings of your poetic mind create exhilarating result.

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  14. I think it’s fabulous…cold as snow and clear as ice, Lucy!

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  15. Love the lingering ‘I’ all the way, Lucy!


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  16. Amazing 💖 loved it ♥️

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  17. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me! Like where did you come up with “kestrel snow” Very well done, Lucy!

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  18. You have captured the darkness, the coldness and the black lilies, smells of death permeates the air. It seams death is everywhere these days.

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  19. I like kestrel snow. Falcons seem to go with cold and ice.

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  20. I am so intrigued by this, love it, spins different imagery with each visit

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