Down, down, down the riverside. The air went dead. I suspended above the ivy waves in silence, entering into the belly indigo. Water had now been a cold darkness and I was trying to part myself from the waves above—that only seemed to inundate me further.

I uttered few words I could remember or understand. I felt before me as if the world glitched, and in my pursuit it was illuminated to me the dissection of time; the pursuers for it in heartbeats above ground, that no further could I distinguish the unsocial world from human kind itself.

The ocean had turned black in my sight, a flickered glass vivid in my eyes entered cornering me in a deepened steep. I gave into death and its whims.

Nails had penetrated my back, and from fingers twisting, convulsing throughout my neck, the waves had split apart—a stream of blood untethered; inquisitively, my hands twitched. Was I no longer drowning? I had breathed on my own, eyes opened, the gushes of wind splayed upon me as a forlorn lover.

The silent night was no longer. I was out from the ravine, a dimension that lingered from what I’ve known.

“Seems like we’re lost, huh?”

I turned. “What? Where did you come from?”

He grinned, rubbing his beard once looking away from the sun’s glint. “It was a tough fight, but they’re gone now. They were after us, Elijah.”

“We—I died.”

“Is that what you think?”

I turned to see two bodies adorned in demolished hummers. Their necks were bent, twisted; spines crushed upon impact—almost straying off into the ravine itself though the curve of the grassland nearby.

“Welcome home, kid.”

Though it wasn’t home at all. My sight changed, and I crashed into the waves.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

I participated in a friend’s story event which you can read about here. He provided an excerpt and we can decide the ending. Nothing is canonical and anyone can join in.

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