Scarlet Leaf Review Publications.

Back in November 2020, I had three poems that appeared in the Scarlet Leaf Review under my pseudonym Ellie Onka. Many thanks to EIC Roxana Nastase for accepting “I wondered when I first remembered…”, “Hidden”, and the first poem that I could be proud of, “To Accede Into My Own Desires” (that had appeared before in Variant Lit’s The Second Chance Anthology).

Please feel free to read the pieces here and leave feedback if you would like. I appreciate your support, as always.

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  1. Lucy, congratulations. They are fabulous pieces.

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  2. Fantastic poems Lucy! Congratulations on your publication 🤩❤️

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  3. Love the imagination, unique voice and expressiveness of your poetry! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful poems, Lucy. All three of them tugged me in to that indescribable place of resonance that poetry has the power to do. And congrats on the publication!

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  5. All the three poems were very good…especially the first one, ‘I Wondered when I First Remembered…’ was haunting.

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  6. Congratulations, Lucy.
    Powerful, thought-provoking writing

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