Identify Podcast Theme.

I have recently composed an intro soundtrack to the Identify podcast project I’ve been working on. For those that do not know, Identify is an ongoing novel collaboration project that delves into a mysterious island that has different uses for people. While the extent of these uses remains unknown, it rather explores the developing relationships between the sibling duo, Tom and Lauren, as they face unwanted reminders and memories of their past life on the island.

What it truly means to live, is it worth it at all? Not without some trials and trust issues.

As well, episode two (The Other Side) is upcoming and should be out by next week at the latest. I welcome any volunteers or guest readers to come on, if you would like to be involved in the project. I hope you can not only enjoy the podcast, but as well the track I’ve made for the intro. I figured it might help gear someone in the right mood for the story, especially as the further we dive into it, the more nutty and wicked it gets.

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  1. That was great. I think it sets a great mood!

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  2. 🔥Awesome soundtrack! You’re very talented.

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  3. Very intriguing Lucy! And what a nice concept and invite you have. Will this be a narrative story?

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  4. Nice audio track. Air of mystery or something that leaves the listener pondering.

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  5. Very nice, and bassy 🙂

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