Identify Podcast: Episode 2 (The Other Side).

Written by Andrada Costoiu (chapter two) and B.V. Stratton (chapter three), this joint chapter delves a little into the sibling’s past but questions still arise. Resigning himself to trust his “newfound” sister, they make a break to the other side of the island as a last minute escape (as Tom blew their original plan). Lauren is more resourceful than she looks, and all Tom wanted to know was the truth. What is the cost of learning it and would it be safe for him to know?

Though how unfortunate for the sibling iconoclasts that someone lurks in the shadows.

Here’s the link to the latest episode on Anchor and Spotify.

Please be sure to give some love and support to such amazing and talented authors, Andrada and B.V. Thank you both again for your collaborative efforts in this ongoing project, it means a lot to me. As well, the podcast may likely be on a short hiatus as I’m currently recovering from an elbow fracture.

I hope, however, you can enjoy this podcast episode and if you do, give a follow on Spotify or Anchor to be updated on new episodes. Please also feel free to leave a voice message as well for feedback, support, or even commentary, if you feel inclined. 🙂

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  1. Thank you Lucy❤️. Your project has turned amazing! Thank you for including me in it 🌸

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  2. Hi Lucy! Nice show! Please feel free to visit Brews, Pours and Sips on Anchor podcasting:

    Have a good week ahead. AOC🍂🍮🍮🍂

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