Drinking from another mismatched
in another, should I have loved,
then only with my garden
should I climb to my roots

vowels sparse like bones
miraculous stone and hair
holding ultima, eating man
to the fuchsia, death of all things,
skin, a dollhouse of nicks.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved

Written 2/17/2021

Categories: Poetry

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7 replies

  1. Wow. Amazing technique in writing. I had to read twice to even fathom the meaning of this piece and I think even that wasn’t enough. Why haven’t I seen you before on my feed? He he.

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  2. That was beautiful, Lucy. I love the imagery and the surging rhythm. Well done!

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  3. This poem is so good. It squeezed my heart and makes me ache in memory of lovers in my past that should never have been. Awesome final line!

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