why die for pride?

roots upon her bosom,
it recalls the sects of womb,
our lady of bones, nigh the stream
of oceanid killers; 
winter’s digits outstretched,
absence of memory in the tides,
I’m sure as the lilies turn black, and your lip
twists, idles upon bare death,
cutting off heads must be very satisfying,
almost as fingers tapping into madness
dreamt upon red-lands, the moon blinded 
by the osprey; but minds wait in guilt
whilst flowers turn to wounds, worthy 
of boredom and poison, makes me ask,
why die for pride?

© 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Written 11/4/2020 for an All Poetry prompt contest. I’ve posted about this before with it being on a podcast, but I never officially posted the poem on here.

It won honorable mention and was featured with a voice recording of myself reading the poem on “A Poetic Slice of Life” podcast segment concerning Game of Thrones.

You can find me reading it at the 2:14:42 mark.

I used these quotes as a paraphrase in this poem:

“Don’t die for pride when you can fight for your blood.”— Brienne of Tarth

“I’m sure cutting off heads is very satisfying…” – Sansa Stark “Littel Bird, Queen of the North”

Reposted for the 5/27/2021 dVerse OLN.

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36 replies

  1. Deliciously dark and excellent! Congratulations Lucy ❤️

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Congratulations for the podcast. Thanks for sharing the beautiful post.

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  3. Beautiful composition ,🌹🌹👍⭐

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  4. I enjoyed the reading. Congratulations.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. “I’m sure as the lilies turn black” and “Whilst flowers turn to wounds” made me swoon. GOT is a rich poetic Muse for sure. I’ve read my own poetry several times on pod casts; Congrats on yours.

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  6. As they say in the Editing Department, ‘Top effort, great execution.’ (Sorry, being flippant, but it works very nice’n’nastily.)

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  7. Wonderful to hear your reading based on two of my favorite GoT characters. The Stark girls were blessed with two tough, courageous, yet loving parents.

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  8. pride
    like love
    good and bad
    best never
    i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. An eerie feeling having those roots reaching down into the grave.
    but minds wait in guilt
    whilst flowers turn to wounds, worthy
    of boredom and poison

    Pride is a deadly sin you know… one to die for!!

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  10. Congratulations Lucy, on your honourable mention and featured voice recording! I love the different shades of darkness in this poem, the roots and ‘winter’s digits’ that reach out of your words. I pictured these chilling lines in my head:
    ‘I’m sure as the lilies turn black, and your lip
    twists, idles upon bare death,
    cutting off heads must be very satisfying’.

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  11. Congratulations, Lucy! I enjoyed your reading, too.

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  12. A good question. I like the image of “our lady of bones”. (K)

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  13. So intense and dramatic – congratulations on your honourable mention. Lovely work,.

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  14. So much to like in this poem, and I love how you fed in the quote about dying for pride… I sometimes feel that pride has a lot to answer for…

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  15. Very beautifully written. What makes the poetry so special.. is the very good selection of words which makes so much sense.

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  16. I am always amazed and swept up in your work. Well written Lucy! I celebrate the veracity and power of your words. May you continue always sharing only your authentic self — that alone makes you genuine, meaningful to read, and of worth to be heard! Síocháin!

    Liked by 1 person

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