“THE WRETCH” by Jay Mora-Shihadeh.

Of sin
Of abhorrence
Of bent
Of broken.
In the dry bough
wooden and drifting.
and pickled mouth
Besieged by pines
and corked by the sea.
The needling
of the wind howls
in this
Of a man, forlorned.
A bastion
Sinful and hideous
Holed and cored
You're gutted
now, a mullet
Pin spine
the Roiling Waves.
The Wretch
fed to the vengeful
Salted Sea.

For further work, visit The Artist From The Inside Out.

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7 replies

  1. The mind can be utterly wretched. This piece sends shudders down the spine. So well expressed and intricately woven. 🙂

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  2. How can you write this? Such a wonderful choice of words!

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  3. addicted
    and afflicted
    by the so called
    need to get off
    scot free

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  4. Wonderful and dark and epic in its feel. Thanks for sharing this, Lucy.

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  5. thank you Lucy, for publishing this, I appreciate the support!

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  1. THE WRETCH, published on Lucy’s Blog – The Artist From The Inside Out

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