Somewhere in your eyes.

planet-like darkness
in the space
somewhere in your eyes.

white with spinning dreams,
verging on tree veins
(we are) lost to time
like man
we are lost to our darkness
bony in starvation,
none the God in your head
insecting thought
to a trance
with prose
for our dead poet minds
and the dead-child flowers
that were weeds

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written 7/28/2020.

Categories: Poetry, Prose

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10 replies

  1. Those first three lines are a picture of distance and desolation.

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  2. Love the progression at the end, it provides a very neat resolution

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  3. So very well written! The last six lines were just amazing. Great work, Lucy ❤

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  4. This work blends into a very pleasant evening watching the night blossom.

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  5. Yes yes and yes 💖

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