“The Obsession” (Chapter 1 via Kindle Vella).

I am currently working on a short chapter series called, “The Obsession.” It utilizes my original idea of Oktavia as a bionic, struggling with volatile emotions, murder, and partial memory erasure to hide her underlying “ailments.” The first chapter is “Home” where we begin to see her present conflict with her past, along with what she thinks she remembers and actually doesn’t.

I’m publishing this episodic story through Kindle Vella after reading D. Wallace Peach’s thoughts about it.

Hope you could enjoy chapter one, and please feel free to leave a review. I always appreciate your thoughts and feedback. I am also open to ideas as well. 🙂

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  1. I wanted to read the first part. But its only available for US residents. Atleast this is what amazon is showing

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  2. Same here, would love to read 🙁

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  3. Thanks for the link, Lucy, and I’m so glad you’re giving this whole thing a try. My hope is that if we stick with it, there will be some reward in the long run as the novelty wears off. The premise of your story is so intriguing. Keep writing!

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  1. “The Obsession” (Chapter Two via Kindle Vella). – Lucy's Works and Co

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