“My child” poem published in MasticadoresUSA.

I’m very excited to announce that my poem, “My child”, has been published at MasticadoresUSA. Thank you so much Gabriela for accepting my work. This piece I wrote back in late 2020, and it’s one of my poems that I have a hard time recalling. I rediscovered the draft in my notes a few months ago, shocked that I wrote it because I don’t remember it that well. It’s a weird dissociation, but I’m glad it finally found a home in Masticadores.

You can read the poem here. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and feedback. Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Congratulations, Lucy!!! Hope you always enjoy such a success.

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  2. Well deserved, another great poem 🙂

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  3. Congratulations. So happy for you

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  4. Congratulations Lucy: so glad your poem found a worthy home 😊

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  5. Congratulations Lucy! You deserve it, so so happy for you ❤

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  6. Awesome 😎 congrats 🥳 🎉 👏 on the publication Lucy!!! 👏👏👏

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  7. Lucy, I loved your striking imagery. Congratulations. ❤️

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  8. Congratulations! Is a beautiful poem.

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  9. This is amazing indeed! 🎉🎉

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  10. Congratulations and keep on keeping on, Lucy.

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  11. Congratulations Lucy. What a wonderful place to home your work and I love your story! Going there now to read it.💖💖💖

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