The absurdism in her voice made Oktavia shut down. No one else gave her the time of day—not even her “father.” She was used to the solitude from her conscious emergence in the Garden of Xaos. Mischa was different from the other humans, and she actually sought her out?

How fucked is that? She mused in her dreamscape; the one place she could control beyond algorithm. She reimagined herself in the garden, an open view to the big windows on the ceiling—but these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter against the blue cloth of the sky.

But all the same, she was alone. Dr. Eaton didn’t love her. No one grasped her humanity except Mischa. She powered back on.

“Thank god!” Mischa exhaled. “What happened?”

“Have you ever noticed the clouds would be a good place to hide a body?”

Written to the 08/16/2021 dVerse prosery prompt:

“But these clouds are clearly foreign, such an exotic clutter

Against the blue cloth of the sky”

–from “Clouds” by Constance Urdang

I used characters from my ongoing Kindle Vella series, “The Obsession.” I could consider this like a missing scene, it adds more foreshadowing to the ending. 😀 Hope you could enjoy this drabble.

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52 replies

  1. Really love some of the concepts in the Obsession.

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  2. I was curious where you’d go with this one, Lucy! And you worked in the prompt line perfectly. So creative!

    I wasn’t sure if the ending was supposed to be ominous, but I imagined this robot? musing about it, and it kind of made me laugh. Like if Data on Star Trek said it in a matter of fact tone. 😀

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    • Thank you so very much! The lines you picked out sent my head into so many different scenarios with my characters. How imaginative Urdang was, I’ll have to delve into her work sometime.

      The ending was supposed to be both ominous and humorous. Yep, Okta is a robot/bionic designed to have human characteristics and the main story dives into her humanity others have tried to suppress.

      Oh my god, that made me laugh! If she said it so matter of factually, I’d find it both terrifying and funny. I always love reading your thoughts, thank you for them and for the laugh today. ❤

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  3. I have not (yet) read Obsession, but I love the imagery of the dreamscaoe… it actually made me think of the booktitle “Do Androids Dream of Electric sheep?

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  4. “Have you ever noticed the clouds would be a good place to hide a body?”

    Oh my gosh. That is brilliant, lol, if perhaps impractical. I love this. Your imagination floors me.

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  5. Well that last line was a real dinger

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  6. I do believe you have eyes that would see the clouds as a good place to hide a body. Well conceived.

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  7. I see the absurd twisted but analytical side of Oktavia here too. I’m gonna go out on a limb here / And bet someone don’t want them clouds to clear.

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  8. I enjoyed this “drabble” very much!

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  9. Hehe, “drabble”
    I don’t know why I like that word so much.

    Awesome writing! 💖

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  10. Your drama never ceases! An unusual world with unusual beings. I thought at first she as a robot with human characteristics… Hiding a body in the clouds my be quite a let down!!

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  11. I love this. Abstract and abstruse

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  12. Don’t think I’d want to get on Oktavia’s bad side! I like how the character already seems so complex in just this small scene. Definitely sparks my interest to read more!

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  13. Oh so deliciously dark Lucy. This was such a wonderful piece of fiction to lay down that quote. ☺️💕🌺

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  14. Interesting!!!

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  15. You left me wanting more, Ms. Lucy!

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  16. what a brill idea to hide a body in the clouds. can i please use this line in my next Draco piece?

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  17. This actually feels more like a snippet from a chapter book than a short stand alone piece of fiction, Lucy. You are a master.


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  18. Ooh, dark and fantastical! Fab inclusion of the quote. Philip K Dick and ETA Hoffman lurked in the shadows when I read it.

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