“Beguiling Sirens” by Tom Alexander.

O child, do not hasten to drop anchor
I hope you live so many nights
lost at sea or diving free
loving by the light of the moon
forever was never the point

You must not miss those smiles
as wide as silver sands
And kisses hotly dripping
like the candle you might write by
in some foreign hotel room

If you should meet them
out there on your journey
(and you should, you should…)
I hope the sirens sing you
songs of salacious shipwreck
and fleshy feasts upon the rocks

If you should meet them
(and you must, you must)
Take those chances
don’t deny this life
let it be painted
in such vibrant colours

Let them ruin you a while
let them wreck you for a spell
then piece yourself together
and wind up more complete
O, and tell them I say ‘hi’

Go chasing honesty, equality
give and take, live wild, love free
take care and move respectfully
remain open to all that comes your way
forever was never the point

O, they will sing some
of your best lines into you
There are many poems waiting
You can dine upon those memories
once you’ve crossed the seesaw
of all your time

While you’re young
with no one who depends upon
then have your fun, go chase the sun
Forever was never
the point of life…

For further work, visit The Lighthouse.

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11 replies

  1. I enjoyed this poem. It was very sensual and loaded with good advice for the young.

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  2. Usually, I avoid reading work submitted by others to this website, but when I saw the title had Sirens, I had to read this one. It is fascinating, and somehow very kind — upending and turning on its head the myth of Sirens.

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  3. “Forever was never
    the point of life…”

    I’ll probably be thinking about this line all day

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  4. This is utterly gorgeous and as beguiling as any siren. Bravo, Tom Alexander ❤️

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Lucy. What a beautiful poem. ❤

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  6. Thanks for sharing this poem Lucy, I’m so pleased people have enjoyed it.

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  7. Wonderful, a true journey

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  8. wow! A great poem! Very nice! ❤

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  9. Flipping heck!!! Thanks for sharing this Lucy!🙏
    Tom, What a piece of writing… I’m speechless! Thank you!🙏

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