“The Obsession” (Chapter 4 via WebNovel).

I am currently working on a short chapter series called, “The Obsession.” It utilizes my original idea of Oktavia as a bionic, struggling with volatile emotions, murder, and partial memory erasure to hide her underlying “ailments.” The fourth chapter is “The bell invites me,” title taken from a pivotal scene in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth:

“I go, and it is done. The bell invites me.

Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell

That summons thee to heaven or to hell.”

From the final scene of Act II, Scene I of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

In this chapter, dynamics and motivations become clearer. Oktavia realizes her purpose, while also stumbling upon more memories that conflicts with her and Mischa’s present. Meanwhile, Dr. Eaton discovers just how deep the two women’s relationship had become.

Here’s a teaser. Do note that in this chapter along with upcoming ones, there will be some graphic violence.

As you may be wondering, I’ve switched platforms after episode eight was blocked from publishing–that messed up the formatting on Kindle Vella. I’ve decided to take it down from Vella due to this. It’ll remain there for sixty days before being unpublished from KDP.

Good news for my international readers though as they can read on this new platform. Hope you enjoy the chapter and as always, I appreciate your thoughts and support.

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  1. Looks like an interesting story!

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  2. Some good writing in this chapter Lucy. Striking imagery and a dreamlike quality to it. Enjoyed it a lot.

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  3. I enjoyed reading your work. Thank you for sharing.

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