consider me foolish
to refract loneliness in the grooves
of far parallel beds of the familiar;
intercession/neglect, don’t bother.
ladies laugh in photographs,

a fetus across the garden, growing while
I sit at her bedroom window
an age where branches hung themselves Antigone.

© 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Written for the 9/06/2021 dVerse quadrille prompt.

Categories: Poetry, Prose

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43 replies

  1. Lovely writing as always; and, of note, you got me to look up Antigone. Now I’m skimming Sophocles. Lovely. 💙

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  2. At first, I didn’t realize you meant Antigone, the play. Your writings are always so different and thought provoking. I really liked how you started off “Unhappiness, consider me foolish”. Always a pleasure to go through your work and to learn from it, Lucy. Loved this ❤

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  3. also searching for the Antigone play:)

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  4. Interesting response to the prompt.
    Thanks for droppibg by to read mine



  5. I love how you create emotional clouds, this one is melancholy I think

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  6. Another exquisite piece from an amazing writer 💖

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  7. I really like “to refract loneliness in the grooves. . .”

    Such unhappiness!

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  8. This opening is phenomenal:
    considers me”
    (how I read it, anyway)

    I love Antigone. Excellent play.

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  9. I had to smile reading the comments prior to mine … I also looked up Antigone to be certain my remembrance was on target ~ Greek tragedy …. another epic write from you Lucy.

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  10. Wow. Lots to intrigue and awe us here, Lucy. Unique word choices and vivid pictures. Well done.


  11. Antigone is the drama from which the idea of Greek tragedy sprung.

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  12. Love this… I imagine the loneliness of sitting by the bed of someone dying.

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  13. Amazing imagery and unique take, specially:

    to refract loneliness in the grooves

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  14. You capture the dark tragedy of Antigone so expressively Lucy – love this.

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  15. Unhappiness consider me foolish
    to refract loneliness in the grooves

    Great opening Lucy! It is often silly to retrace loneliness which might impact on our emotions. It is unnecessary to bother loneliness!



  16. I really like the opening lines. Intriguing piece, indeed.

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  17. Wowzers bowzers, Lucy… even in 44 words you amaze me.


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