glass eyes (Draft).

Glassy eyes
in sumac touches
she waits for me or doesn’t;

your cistern
I’ve found a woman of blood

breaststroke to roots
this seed
will fledge 
upon my hanging word.


© 2021 All Rights Reserved.

Categories: Poetry, Prose

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23 replies

  1. Hi Lucy! Welcome back! I hope everything is ok. Phil

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  2. Hi Lucy! Good to have you back.❤️
    “in sumac touches” ….ooh, that phrase!

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  3. Missed your poetry Lucy, glad your back and with such a stunning piece. Fantastic

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  4. Hi Lucy! Glad to see your post again! 🌹❤️

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  5. Great postBeautiful lines ❤❤

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  6. The language here is stunning. Nice to see you back!

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  7. An intense poem in your signature lyrical style! And yes, it’s so nice to see you again Lucy! Missed you! Welcome back!

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  8. It’s been a minute since you’ve wowed the world with one of your works! We’ve missed you, welcome back! 💖

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  9. What a joy to read you again, Lucy. I’ve missed the way you create language in your magnificent poems. I love this poem. ❤️

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