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am I still ill?

A fissured father of stone, poisoned by the vale, a bridal’s helm rushing through the billow waves, I billow blood from the clouds, awaiting for the frost dead uncles in May with […]


It was perhaps disenchantmentDarling, slipping to the sea like a knife;why abide like children, a bloodlinesince dead retiring from goddammnedbones mislaid—I can barely touchthe waves; black dovessplintering in the mistakes upontheir tongues, […]


Icy thorns in kestrel snow, I gather them for you; plunging ire to your still desert, stave it in illness, black lilies incite the gallows you bring into the ladies of dust […]


Death’s weir from the mammoth faces we know, spuming dead ghosts into the sea. My mistress winter feasts her bones, to starve on the tongues of a storm; lips of Janus will […]


O she is a Sweeney dreamfrom dead ghosts into winter’s fast,beckoning duplicity Give me a danceto breathe in bloodline’s nursed moando not stare, darling Medusa, my distress,teeth slaught in seawater, howlingin waves […]