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  • Leo’s Gambit, and Nexus of Writers Relaunch

    Leo woke without moving, without even his breathing changing. He had grown used to this way of life. He’d gotten used to the danger involved with surviving in the Underworld. He heard the door open.

    “He’s asleep,” a voice noted.

  • Raven by Mark Borne.

    Fly, fly, my little Raven,

    Reach, reach for the sky.

    See the world from the air,

    My little Raven, and show it to me.

  • Mark Borne: A Quarantined Introduction

    Hello, everyone! I’m Mark Borne!

    Aliases: The Nexus Fox, The Quote Ant, Mark Swift, That Guy, The Food Poet, You-Know-Who…

    I’m primarily, as the one alias would suggest, known among my friends as a food poet. Yes. I was rhetorically challenged to write an onion poem, and I promised I would. Everyone thought I was joking. I was not.

    And now that reputation has become me.