“Sex, Alcohol and Sugar” by Don Matthews.

I seem to spend my lifeIn giving up on thingsThings I like, look forward toRing-a-ding-a-ding I’m told such things are bad for meThat I should wave goodbyeTo smoking, sugar, alcoholGive up, lie back, and sigh Funny? But there’s just one thingI don’t give up (one thing)That’s sex, it just gives up on meRing-a-ding-a-ding Visit ‘Flippant,… Read More “Sex, Alcohol and Sugar” by Don Matthews.

“Echo” by Jo Kolar.

Potential trigger warning: This poem may have references to acts of self-harm. An echo.That vibrates in a soundless roomThat nicks the wallsThat stains the tubThat crumples the sheetsBut leaves me aloneExcept for the scar on my cheekThe things I do to myselfI don’t know why. To check out more of Jo Kolar’s work, go here.

“Humour Don’t Sell Papers” by Don Matthews.

I’ve just read today’s paper It’s full of doom and gloom Murders, killing, destruction, death Children being groomed Headlines blare out constantly SEX FIEND IS EXPOSED There’s so much negativity (The paper I have closed) Why can’t I read, enjoy myself With lots of humour, rife? Instead of being subjected to This gutter side of… Read More “Humour Don’t Sell Papers” by Don Matthews.

“Poet Don Puts a Question to his Little Flock” by Don Matthews.

What do you think is the difference between (Your minds you will need to unblock) A jeweler, and also a jailer? Think hard my dear lovely little flock (mumble….mumble….think….think….) We don’t know Poet Don…. One watches cells and the other sells watches…. (blank looks all round….) (What am I doing wrong?….) Poet Don has a… Read More “Poet Don Puts a Question to his Little Flock” by Don Matthews.

“THEATRE PLAY” by Writers Adventurers.

Monologue A theater performance that takes place in an apartment building; four apartments inhabited by four people who all live alone for various reasons Six monologues that are linked together.                                  ACT 1 Apartment 1A. Set in a small apartment where most things are still in moving boxes One  woman is very distressed, because she can… Read More “THEATRE PLAY” by Writers Adventurers.