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“Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

Remembering dim roomshushed conversationwhispering those complimentsalmost embarrassedtrying to communicate the reverencethe pure weight of all this feelingwading so deep in love Ah, they’re only moments… Remembering falling rainburied in each other’s coatskissing through smilesdesire whilst laughingbeing perfectly overwhelmed by someonethe greatness that is all-consumingswallowed so deeply by love They’re only momentsso missingso missed Today is bright, today is dryah, but to feel again that … Read More “Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

“Silence” by FromtheHeart.

When the quiet hits the roomLike a silent bomb, it arrivesAnd in the silence- a lonely feelIt comes in a pretty disguise. And as you sigh, releasing breath,The day washes right away.But silence in never ending formSometimes brings sadness your way. It can make you think of happier timesOr even the struggles you’ve facedIt can make you feel so lonely too,Or remind you of … Read More “Silence” by FromtheHeart.

“Yes You Can” by Satyen Hombali.

Yes you can Cut off my tongue But no you can’t Stifle the songs unsung Of my seared soul Yes you can Cut off my hand But no you can’t Ignore the demand Of my sinewy stump Yes you can Cut off my legs But no you can’t Sever the steely pegs Of my rebel spirit Yes you can Take away my rights But … Read More “Yes You Can” by Satyen Hombali.

“In A Sea Of Lonely Nights” by Kimberly Ray.

A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nightsin that last hour of the daycapturing words he wishes he had saidwriting them downso they’re out of his head Music fills the airsoothing the tensionlessening the cares Take a trip to the other side:what makes the other person tick,what makes them come alive,what’s in their head they’re trying to hide While reaching out for a … Read More “In A Sea Of Lonely Nights” by Kimberly Ray.

“My Mistakes” by PatBunny.

I made a mistake so far in the past,And the guilt, oh how it lasts and it lasts! The pain, the punishment, and the tears,Standing in front of me all these years. I’m like a thread, frayed at the end.Broken, because I lost a trusted friend. My stupid mouth betrayed my private thoughts.Now my stomach’s twisted up in a thousand knots. These regrets, they … Read More “My Mistakes” by PatBunny.

“Independence” by Martin The Poet.

I’m just going to push the boat out,spit some words and mess about.That’s what I love about writing,when you start out you have no idea what to talk about.Then words just appear out of thin air,with flare, with the power of a prayer. Single words can lead to warfareor they can take you from little bear to billionaire.Most people are unaware of the power … Read More “Independence” by Martin The Poet.

“I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

When I was still waiting for you, you called me to say “Let’s break up!” I thought you were playing a prank on me; But it was the worst I felt when you really meant it. I am cursing myself, it shouldn’t be in my fate! You had reasons to quit me, but I have reasons to rebuild! Can you please listen to me? … Read More “I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

“A Warning” by Daniel Pearce.

I don’t know whose granting wishes these days Some sorry self-elect, Maybe no one, maybe God. Too busy to do their job correct. Oh and your timing? Superb. I was worried about my mid-life crisis I can’t believe you had the nerve! Specifically the right one To take half my sight Halve my ability to see your creation What gives you the right? To … Read More “A Warning” by Daniel Pearce.

“Anatomy of Longing” by Tom Alexander.

Cutting to the heart of all this longingis it the vicious tongue you wag at meor the perpetual mystery hanging from your actionsthe contradictions of your possible state of mind I see the hurt, I feel the pain you carryand sense your urge to be desired by menthe flirt of all you do rings loudly before youand against my better judgementI can’t help but … Read More “Anatomy of Longing” by Tom Alexander.

“Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

She must be a queen of innocent eyesShe must’ve sweet smell of incenseShe must be a stunning beautyShe must be a quiet music of all your poetry. But she chose her own path, not with you, might be with someone elseI’m sure you must’ve helped her in that alsoAnd masked your scratched, bleeding heart with a fake pleasant smileYou’ve suppressed this with all your … Read More “Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

“Who cares what we eat?” by Navnidhi Vyas.

Who cares what we eat?Just calming stomach’s heatExtra spicy , fried and sweetBe it eating or doing a cheat? Who cares what we eat?Overweight is common sightGlucose, lipids are at heightsAre we losing our health rights? Who cares what we eat?Gain cash at stake of fitDrain cash to regain itAre we fooling our intellect? Who cares what we eat?Pills might be diet nextGifting ills … Read More “Who cares what we eat?” by Navnidhi Vyas.

“Letters From Her” by Kate.

Letters from Her: A Collection Female infanticide. The deliberate killing of newborn female children is a serious problem in India… This is a letter in a form of poetry from a girl who was killed and thrown in a trashcan by her parents. A letter written from a girl who was thrown into a trashcan – To all of you, I was dying. I … Read More “Letters From Her” by Kate.