two of the sea.

sea foam / moonrise / troughs of white petals / revivalist skulls of breath from a blistered wind / I lied on the floor / the window had twig elbows / the ancient fall, I bled white like the ants on the window-ledge.

I tire; tree fingers

tie their umbilical cords

onto the late birds;

field and rocks drum / moth wings / and lettuce-white bugs on the wall / mother, father / are happy / tree and limb / the ocean hides the stars /

am I near death? / I don’t know / mists of the horizon / numb then distractedly entwined / two of the sea; mouth resurrects the waves / the moonrise is red / fingernails whitened by the month / cat eats the trout / eyes reflect / into the child frost / tears snake to the moon / the moon is a child / the moon is dead / boney, the roots / of tree and mouth / happy birthday, darling, we love you / mother, father say / midnight / I count my knuckle bones / and I love them too /

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt:

“For this challenge, I ask you to think about your own birthdays, ones from the past, one that is coming up, a memorable one, or one you are dreading. Whether it’s birthday cake and balloons, a quiet glass of wine on your own that turned into something memorable, or a complete disaster, I’d like you to share a birthday with us.

Aim to write no more than three tight paragraphs, followed by a traditional haiku that includes reference to a season.”

I can not find any way alone (ft. Ryan Hair).

This is a collaborative poem between me and Ryan Hair. I wrote the lines in italics, while his lines are in regular font. I do hope you enjoy our poem; it was quite thrilling to write it together.

As well, if you’re interested in collaborating on a poem, reach out to me via my contact page and we can discuss it over.

As I go through this journey of life, I can not find any way alone. I need you by my side. I need you to be my true north, my compass, and my guide.

Subdued, my dear.

Unreeling in the emptiness

in limb by limb

we are dreaming;

the wind howls

and endures the body of the crow

and pigeon,

It consumed me, as I walk in the world. Know that I am lost and alone. I button my coat and hug myself, trying to shield myself from damp and dark 

You see me, I see you

the waves cast illusion

into the eye of the eve;

dead flowers

my bare fingers


each white catalpa dead, and a sea

continues to flow

My only companion is the cold winter wind, which is cutting through the wool of my coat

Blood sweat falls from the thorns

and white petals

like fingernails; the winter wind shuts

my eyes, I see you, I see you,

but in prose, these pleas are lost;

our madness deadens the membrane

of us.

Your ghost is cute by my side.

It permeates my memory. 

As I slowly trudge through the woods,

Low roots claw at my legs

and cut me as I pass;

It’s like the sea,

as you slip between my hands.

The silent tongues

of the heart-shaped flowers

from the cigar tree

show a leaf that falls,

an ancestress of the branch

into the red, tidal sunset

and it drowns

I’m crushed against the rock, as the waves violently slam the cliffs. I reach for your hand, as water floods my lungs. No hand reaches out to reciprocate. I’m truly alone;

I’m submerged

in the root of the ocean’s snare

alone, alone

to fields of the dying art

of glass memory.

© 2020 and Ryan Hair All Rights Reserved.

“Episodes of Distress” by Kevin Davis.

I’m fat,

I’m big,

I’m huge,

I’m dark,

I’m lean,

I’m skinny,

I’m subtle too,

terms of comparison

seems irrational

Earth is diverse

ranges in color,



and race.

We distinguish ourselves

as an outcome of

minute peculiar change.

But end up

Emphasizing condescension

on all antonyms.

Did you ever ponder

the implication of

Body shaming?

Offensive isn’t it?

If being us is similar


reason for existence is


for a cause!

I have fantasy

I do want to live


Cover me with colors


look beautiful

But pretend not to

Plead you

Love, laugh and live.

To check out more of Kevin Davis’s work, go here.

Man of war (Draft).

stalk the ankles

in the feast and death of the earth,

man of war

treetop ghost;

the moon shines

onto your bones

drinking the falling

of every fury

and kingdoms of blood

into the ghost egg

to root a shape like a python eye

while fingers lie

in the comets,

where to find

a universe

for all who drowned.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

A sea becomes.

Of one memory, one

for the end of the dark does not lie,

I will not lie in it; darkness perfused

I shut the window; here he bleeds,

here he lies, though nothing is there.

In furrows, mercy, it is laughable.

The Earth succinct in waves

in a lonely larva

the dead poet’s dreams.

Stand under my umbrella,

we embrace in impassioned poverty

of loneliness,

an interaction of alacrity

and of bloodshed in the oceans

in the paeans

of sorrel idles

in a cluster of spring rain,

a sea becomes;

felled in trees

where you are shorn

off a lonely leaf.

Innocently, it becomes

entombed in the empty hands

and precipice by the fantasy

of the sea; it bleeds,

with not an end in sight,

it bleeds in maddening suffering;

a planet stirs

in figures of shadows

in the dark recess of my memory,

a trance.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

earth’s red.

in a ghost

of the moon; archaic

dreams cross the ocean;

idled mind

the hawthorn spume

and Earth’s red

moon, estranged

to the headstone

fare to ash-heaps

and dissociation

down the bones

of beanstalk

and the ghost,

the moon,

reddened mirrors

of ourselves

to feet of God,

light lies

to paralyze

the Earth,

an insect death;

death does ourselves

to the green

of the sea

I echo,

to the sea

that cannot hear;

sunsets dying

possess us both

fall to drown & drown.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Written for the dVerse prompt: Write a haiku sequence on any theme that you like. Use a minimum of three haiku.