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  • The Shadowed Sea.

    And when the shadowed sea slicked,
    The dead moon of the sea was watchful,
    And in its glare, with thy dead streams,
    Lapped once with earthly stars,
    And there birthed the era to be

  • Through the River.

    As when the shores collapsed,
    Through the depth in the given shores of vague death,
    I’d see it go beyond the moons that tided red,
    With their rims of eminence through the plated stars
    And that sobering wind that drew to the shallow, strange waters

  • The Watchful Sea Beyond.

    And my heart withered upon the eidolons of moments
    That waned through these lonesome seas, shadowed,
    I was washed away with love;

  • Shadowed Skies That Plum.

    Shadowed skies that plum
    The heart of infants, a strum,
    Moved through bristles of walking wind
    Kissed the dell once a moment,
    And I’d dwell through lonesome seas.

  • A Candle Lit.

    With an alone eden from the moor beside
    The kisses of the shines of that muttering moon,
    And gently, proceeded by hysteria, was a moment
    To expire of ghostly dreams beyond the moans of tolling winds

  • Pale to the Wind, I Drift.

    I’d laid my hand, pale to the moans of wind,
    Wearily drifting; and life is a dark flame
    That could make the wilts of flowers wraith

  • Moonlit Lands.

    You are a wanderer in the lush of eidolons that dim
    The blushes of carnations that grace the moonlit wind.

  • The Last Quiet Cry.

    As the world
    Casted the dark coves
    That shore wished upon…
    The entity of Death lives
    Upon this very shore, unborn.

  • I’ve Laid Alone.

    I’ve laid alone,
    Upon the warmth of a sand sheet

  • Washed Away.

    And I’d still love
    As I’d lay here, not with strife
    Not dead. But I breathe
    And I’d know, not as a ghost,
    But as a soul
    Washed away.

  • “Chains and Cages” By MirrorAnt.

    Chains and Cages weigh us down,
    Yet deep inside, we hold the key.
    Look around, and you will see,
    The endless state of mystery.

  • As I Lay Before You.

    I’ve laid before you, darkness all I’ve mapped, all alone,
    Those little taps, and the enlightenment of voice from birth
    Intrigue the remembrance of once I had,
    And all I held, and all I’ve left and sought,
    And loved, I’ve loved! The cruelty of son,
    Told that the son branched take on this

  • As I’ve Forgotten Between the Wind.

    Like soil with collective stems of a crooked rock
    That brushed your fingers, all dampened,
    That a mother would tell you to wash up,
    Hurry on; but as I’ve remembered,
    An olden, washed face, only ashen in lengths,
    As I’ve forgotten time in between tonight,
    And the best the day had hummed
    The song of the copious endorphin springs

  • I Drift Further Among Away (Of Myself).

    You fear the wind,
    You fear the chance,
    You fear plagues and of death;
    Little auspicate, you’re winded, and drenched
    By son of Ares and Aphrodite,
    A little auspicate, therefore dreamt the worst;

  • Must I Un-Wish?

    The son of lands, and lands amazed,
    That sheer a composition, in the fair hands,
    Of Mendelssohn that grown from the stems,
    And tendrils, furtive maelstrom in sound,
    And bearing without a formal syntax

  • And Wishes Are That.

    And be still. We were younger.
    And the children do play,
    And wishes are that; at once where we knew
    None of that, none of that
    And nothing else, too.

  • Leaf Fell Upon.

    see the love,
    leaf fell upon the dusk

  • Natural.

    My dear! Enwrapped around,
    Senses displayed—I had thought the reality,
    The drought and rings of nymphs,
    And I, and I so foolishly pestered,
    Thatched by those dead, those pranced,
    At the sight of the endless bloom,
    And I have remained in my quiet room.

  • Open Eyes, World.

    Holding the shadow of the child like her own,
    And some shawl pulled back, soft as the plumes of an egret,
    That will reveal all regret,
    Your regret, and my own.

  • Of This I Find.

    I had walked and walked,
    The faint air upon the dark, dark thin and frail lot;
    Midnight, and I bother,
    To think of such things