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The Little Writing Workshop of Horrors publishes poetry, creative writing, fiction and non-fiction. You can submit your work here.

I read all the works I receive as submissions. If accepted, they are posted on a first come, first serve basis. If I feel, however, it violates the rules posted on here, it will not be considered for publication on the “Little Writing Workshop of Horrors.” Online submissions and literary works published on personal websites/blogs are often seen as online publications, and would be considered previously published through the perspective of literary journals, magazines, and editors. This is just a clarifying note before you decide to submit. It does not mean, however, I do not accept previously published pieces or literature.

Acceptances depend on the writing content and what we are looking for in the workshop of horrors.

I accept:

  • Previously published as well as unpublished pieces
  • Poems
  • Stories
  • Novels (but they will divided into chapters if it is past a certain amount of words)
  • Novellas

There are two places on this website that I will happily accept blog or post promotion. The first is through my submissions link for the “Little Writing Workshop of Horrors Submission Stand.” You can promote yourself through this comment section, or you can add a link to your blog or a singular post through my submission form in the author’s note section when submitting a piece for consideration. If accepted, it will be posted along with your submission. The second is through the “Poetry Corner” where you can promote yourself and engage in discussions.

If a submission is against the rules or guidelines, it will not be accepted as a submission.

A few things to mention:

  1. Authors will always be credited for their submissions (obviously).
  2. First come, first serve.
  3. If you would like to have your piece removed from the blog, just let me know through this comment section, and it will be taken down at your request.

Well then, that’s about it for the writing workshop of horrors. Happy writing.

32 replies

  1. I’ll have to submit something soon 😀

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  2. When the sky
    seems pitch dark
    And the black clouds
    Do finally part
    May the sun
    Shine down
    And warm your
    Aching heart!

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  3. Ha! Well, I’ve never done this before so what the hell…

    My small attempt at horror, a family favorite!

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    • Oh, wow! The story is so vivid and I loved the entire scenery with the fog. It really made the setting so dark and wicked in its own verisimilitude. I loved the foreshadowing as well, and the ending was amazing! What a fantastic horror story. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Hi Lucy, Hope you are doing great! I am new to this column and I am willing to submit my unpublished poem. Can you please let me know on how can I do it?

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  5. What a great idea this little place is. I’m looking forward to reading all the poetry and sharing my own from my blog,

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  6. It’s really cool that you’re doing this!! I will submit soon!!

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  7. It’s so kind of you to do this! I think I’d like to submit a poem!

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  8. Thank you! Just submitted the form(please consider the second submission).

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