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Sometimes Life Intrudes

Please participate in this wonderful anthology project by Carolyn Cordon. Perspectives are needed, especially from fellow writers, or teachers and doctors on how the current pandemic is impacting you or the world. I had an idea, an excellent and caring idea, one that would, or at least could, bring hope and understanding to many others.…

mauvaises terres.

We drink red tea in the winter and summer
by the pale, ocean shore with rain
feeding on the sunlight with coffee beans,
and spoke in broken languages to each other
originating from your father in different countries of Europe,
he speaks almost a dozen languages.

The tree of apricot.

the waves in the dying of the dark
by frozen, alluring dreams when you’ve never dreamt
unsheathed upon each layer of rock that bleeds out by daylight
where we see the blood drift, sliced in a sleepwalking geyser
the dispensation of mid-summer

Ghost street.

A leaf falls
Into the monsoon shadows.
I turn by the grazed branches
Trembling by the dark windows
Into the blustering
Of frost and the muzzled crystals that lay
Into the black linen on the ground.