“The Amateurs” by edenbray.

Two sportsmen were approaching, followed by a three, a five, a six This band of amateurs coming after me to carry me home on sweat-soaked shoulders, shirts cotton, buttoned down Hooped, green-yellow; striped red-white, fearsome sight On cold community playing-fields, under glaring floodlights Brothers a-rated, know their strengths, ready for the fight Ruck, reverse ball, [...]

Coffee Drinking 73

Awesome sketches by AuAu, one of them including Tom and Lauren of my collaborative novel project, Identify. They look great, so be sure to give her a follow if you want to stay updated on upcoming work. Ahhh, the classic editor wont ever come back. This time with a bunch of sketches of the new [...]

Character Profiles for “Identify”

The following information below are profiles about the main characters in the ongoing novel collaboration, "Identify." I put out a notice about wanting to create a small group of writers who can help finish this story with me. I am hoping this could gather interest for those who want to participate in this collaboration. I [...]

Identify Podcast Theme.

I have recently composed an intro soundtrack to the Identify podcast project I've been working on. For those that do not know, Identify is an ongoing novel collaboration project that delves into a mysterious island that has different uses for people. While the extent of these uses remains unknown, it rather explores the developing relationships [...]

A thorn in her side.

If I was the poet with a thorn in my side, I was; I brought another drop from the gardens on these hands and this body of stone; I ripen in her arms I bleed in the wind to hide like a coward; the moon-born bedsheets call, twisting vines in the thorns of youth until [...]

Coffee Drinking 71

Such stunning work from AuAu, including the completed Lauren drawing for my Identify novel collaborative project. Be sure to check each drawing out and give her a follow!

AuAu Over

Its gonna be a loooong while for me to finish the Alice story, in that one she, emh, you could say, sold her own heart.

On the story I was talking about the last post, its something different. For a start, it is someone elses heart.

“Aurora is such and idiot” well, thats a given. Mmm, I could improve the eyes.

But it is more complex than that, I wont even be able to cover it here… in the interaction between Auroras personalities, you can see things flowing naturally one way, then the leadership deciding to go another.

Aint that, fun? life is so dull and boring, maybe in that undiscovered path… Going back to their relation, earlier times were different, in common terms, Aurora was “way out of her league”, social status, resources, strength, this and that, Aurora kept fighting everyone there as she didnt like it, Auroras Mother…

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Two moons.

In two moons, a pseudoknot is in my blood begging to close about my last breath it wasn’t the echoing of gargoyles in our death-beds wandering our roots taken more by wiles and gutted solstice endless in your eyes I know you’re killing me © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved. Written for the dVerse quadrille [...]

snowball in hell.

think I am a snowball in hell; I am a barbed leaf in the debris. I make myself empty of your words; they float on my bones


A kaleidoscope in death take me where the poet lays for I should never see again the final act; halcyon; like the esplanades I once walked upon at the thunderous chaos of my ghost; have we met in the aches and laughs woefully of all that is strange; orgasmic ambrosia dissociation chuckles into the bloodlust [...]

Ghost of gardens.

infinite in papery moons why must I lay under your foot in the voluptuous sea? madcaps and glassed eyes her next death in a million moons I’ve yet to meet; god’s leavetaking, nothing left for you but a ghost of gardens. © 2020 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved. Reposted for the dVerse Open Link Night.

Killing me.

I came back again the full God, an opus of your eye; I am her mad spring—she wants to see how far we flay in our garden beds and I am your tragedy in diaphanous arms of the moon growing silhouette rising to the thunderbird; she’s killing me more than I ever could © 2021 [...]

new moon

leaving death of all silhouettes when the new moon born of lured tragedies outstretched to kill itself; the roots my shame winter of the flowers, if I loved, then they should fall to my feet in wastrel-fragility guiding memorial bones to the knees of the garden © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved. Reposted for the [...]

undo all the ties.

from the air swallowed I fertilizegarden bones as if I would my childrenpreparing first lifeand then the subtletythe pagala death;I’m on my kneesfragmented; so, a graveI stir in my bedsheets, knowing nonethe woman in my skin or the woman I am.© 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.

Novel Collaboration: Notice.

As the novel collaboration has waned in participation for the most part, at this point in time, I'm now inviting three to four people would would like to work on the remaining chapters in this story until it can reach a definite conclusion. If you are interested in participating in this project, you can reach [...]

in ashes I subside.

stalk, the shaking rain of white lies split in my head whored forgotten to snakes; in footed trees that grow from my chest crickled in the occasional drunk root, and a well-stirred death, in ashes I subside. © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved. Be sure to join in on Ingrid's poetry party on Twitter. It's [...]

moon stunt rain.

i rise from my bed of snakes, glassy apparition, you have nothing on me; garden fingers and eyeholes i hid from: no one can get me no one can be the thief but the moon, I devour known blood of these garden thorns, the moon-stunt of your flower I see goes (and its rain). © [...]


in which I am a ladyof ash and hairenclosed like all the rosesstirring I didn’t want themwake or sleepa skin touched shimmeringif I were Lazarus an opus of eyes, handsunwrap the stone © 2021 lucysworks.com All Rights Reserved.