she takes.

if shyness shamed
the oceans slaughting
a bag of bones, it lain a stentorian love
if shyness shamed
she recalls in deathly naught the beguile
of roses, adulterated by her fingers,
written in verses yet morose

“Castle of Devils” by M Jay Dixit.

Void gnawed at my guts

teeth that called my name

Pale heat of foreign city

such nights sighed tears – where

Bone Fishhook moon

throws silver knives

Stabbing heart

Violent Eyes

Rude hands

Absent manners

Prejudiced Minds

Baby Fingers tickled deep in womb

she loves you.

in sanguinolent dances we trade
our flowers for knots of the moon,
cracking until the leftover asylum of poetry
turns and explodes in our veins


The moon is bitten / like the apple

under the bleats of the corvid / the enceinte tree

my pentrailium / shuts the black heart of lilies

do not find me, I want to be alone before I leave.

Shadowed Skies That Plum.

Shadowed skies that plum
The heart of infants, a strum,
Moved through bristles of walking wind
Kissed the dell once a moment,
And I’d dwell through lonesome seas.