she takes.

No use for the forget-me-nots my fingers are frozen on the congeries of madness, please do not find my duplicity; through veins darkly, my pet virus born twirls the tribe of aurochs— but even then it could not embody an unbridled death to her bosom, we doth part, legs dither, heart ungrieved; if shyness shamed  [...]

“Castle of Devils” by M Jay Dixit.

Void gnawed at my guts                 teeth that called my name Pale heat of foreign city                 such nights sighed tears – where Bone Fishhook moon       throws silver knives           Stabbing heart               Violent Eyes                   Rude hands                        Absent manners                             Prejudiced Minds Baby Fingers tickled deep in womb                 Mindless Terror [...]

she loves you. Albert Memorial, London SW7 2ET, UK. in sanguinolent dances we tradeour flowers for knots of the moon,cracking until the leftover asylum of poetryturns and explodes in our veins, Let it be the tongue of rocks, whereserenity will kiss you in due timeand frozen fingers wed in the plow of the womb,floating, innocent of madness, [...]


The moon is bitten / like the apple under the bleats of the corvid / the enceinte tree my pentrailium / shuts the black heart of lilies  do not find me, I want to be alone before I leave. the moon / satsuma hills and mouthfuls of the noose lay bare and wrest like a [...]

Shadowed Skies That Plum.

Shadowed skies that plum. The heart of infants, a strum, Moved through bristles of walking wind Kissed the small valley dell, And I’d dwell through lonesome seas. I missed the dead tribunal moon, As it gazed above some deaf winds; Slipped through the river stream, With instant buds of a morning desire, And I’d wake [...]