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Kevin Morris Guest Post.

I am very happy to have a guest post on here by poet Kevin Morris. It not only features his amazing work but as well a bit of background on how nature influences his poetry. Please continue reading below, and do check out his links to find more of his publications and work. As well, if you would like to have a guest post … Read More Kevin Morris Guest Post.

Visual Verse Publication.

My piece, “I leave in a deeper silence” was published in Visual Verse for their current chapter. This is my first publication with them. It is written under my main pseudonym, and you can read the poem here. My utmost gratitude and thanks to Visual Verse for accepting my piece. More so, be sure to check their anthology out as it’s still ongoing. Thoughts … Read More Visual Verse Publication.

once a tree stood.

tread for days      blood pours in a drowning      diving into oceans. A murmur      in the stillness of the sea absent in the lunula white, weeping in the dying of the eventide      may you decide to leave as the crawfish float in unyielding waters,      delusional, still seeking the innocence of the rock, give it a kiss for me           before … Read More once a tree stood.

Planetary motion.

Wept in the death of Gods, darker still in the gathering ocean, with only tears that fall to them, in the red hyssop of the frost inclined to the penetralium of desire, as the ocean slips no fate by its sea song to kill empty, the abscission of leaf falls like glass we could not fall together as we once had, the very shock … Read More Planetary motion.

death in the ocean.

Death in the ocean only comes once upon the prose tree in my mind, there is a darkness in the lithe stillness of autumn oaks now gone,                as olive flowers; a fantasy heartless in horizon by Rome hills, a sea of loss      is what we lost before to the ebbing across the fight of mind, let it turn away and leave;      … Read More death in the ocean.

My Monster.

In a dream be it my monster in the eyrie of leave-taking be it my death for the throes into the sea; my monster in the dark lassitude unsure but illuminated in which there is the torpid leg of maple sap warmed with hisses of the sea; my monster through branches befalls me.

Flowers for you.

flowers for you bursting like a ghost; red and white violets that were in a market shop your eyes hunted them and they were yours; as the street calls out in loneliness the telephone replays with your voice engraved in a blue marble vase by the sea gone.

“Life as they say!” by samuellawrentz.

Everybody wants a peaceful life; Nobody wants to get out of strife! Everyone wants clean air;  But people who plant trees are very rare! People want to be loved; But fail to embrace when it’s bestowed! We are mere mortals who live in constant fear, Losing the ones that are dear! We run behind money; Memories that we have lost are so many! People … Read More “Life as they say!” by samuellawrentz.

Grandfather. (Prose)

Sometimes I wonder who you were, what kind of person you were. You were my father’s father. You are dust now. You are in the death of an ocean well.  This glow like an oil lamp through my window as I write on the anointed page, I thought of you tonight; a star-still night that moves enraged shores on a pioneer of darkness. You … Read More Grandfather. (Prose)

I left.

Left like the waves to death alone they would in velveteen legs of the sea be on the stillness of father’s ankle; a withering of loneliness I mourn in the tree I fell.

For mercy. (Updated with audio recording).

An epilogue of a vista in father’s ocean eyes; the echo of the dream fallen in conniption a chrysalis of fuckery at the mind-felt waves in ice welts; torturing in a quasi-silencing of shame as the wind blows the sail, riffs on the skin, witnessing the passivity of the shore in winter carver; something in your eyes makes me want to forget, in the … Read More For mercy. (Updated with audio recording).

“I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

When I was still waiting for you, you called me to say “Let’s break up!” I thought you were playing a prank on me; But it was the worst I felt when you really meant it. I am cursing myself, it shouldn’t be in my fate! You had reasons to quit me, but I have reasons to rebuild! Can you please listen to me? … Read More “I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.