in starry death, dido falls like the star, an explosion to the peremptory mouths of sea; the sun bums a cigarette, we are morsels to her; i, alone, do not grieve, but dreams black and ténébreux fall to dissection of… Read More ›

Ocean to Ocean.

Ophelia flowers leaving  to the excessive  blindness by the fingernails of psithurism, and trees that inherit the blood red;   ankles sink into the ocean stars come to the end of light—the angry light that feasts  beyond the last bone… Read More ›

blood on hands.

i am alone; the skull of rocks grimace at the clown winter. In the starry epitaph, I wash this blood from my hands; the moon is my child and the shore is a memory exiled; entering alone, it bares the… Read More ›

dust to dream.

dust / to the dream /flowers fall to the glass moonand her fingertips/ in the/ ephialtes /light and / cosmic touch; you tried to /ruin me / but I’m notAtë or Ares. Spume of the oceanI will not drown /you… Read More ›

lady of the marsh.

the moon is red / shutting / the tympani of the Apollo sun and the white flux of pumice stones / and scriptures in memory of the rabbi’s palaver; i, mind of woman, made from man and woman stardust, God… Read More ›

epicedium to the sea

umbilicus / of this shore / and shattered fingers like clamshells reddened to the body of death / to veteran-ed paralysis / / of beauty / the few fingers of mist / and seas are in pot-lids of darkness; my… Read More ›


i. black coat / I see death / in the moon / and hawks nest / one worm / New York drinks the flowers, I could imagine, if I ever had a dream it was not like this / bone… Read More ›


I, memory, I, a membrane and ghost meronym to memory and free— I am the thorn of flowers in your mouth, and the foot of the leaf between the limbs of a small tree halved like quarters, and still dying,… Read More ›

first, nor last.

first nor last beneath the surface of the night the technical waves slam and whiten the wails of the fingers of each moon and tomb; I dreamed I wanted nothing at all not the moon and its ebony rings of… Read More ›

Man of war (Draft).

stalk the ankles in the feast and death of the earth, man of war treetop ghost; the moon shines onto your bones drinking the falling of every fury and kingdoms of blood into the ghost egg to root a shape… Read More ›

earth’s red.

in a ghost of the moon; archaic dreams cross the ocean; idled mind the hawthorn spume and Earth’s red moon, estranged to the headstone fare to ash-heaps and dissociation down the bones of beanstalk and the ghost, the moon, reddened… Read More ›

trees and trees.

a foot, a foot eddies in the water; an albatross is glued to the sea with dark littered eyes and the keel sea swallows its feathers in the furrow of air, mouthfuls of offal red, red they eye, then eat;… Read More ›


as through I dream the dying things and brambles hunch with elbows of the moon’s hoofbeats on my white fingers; mouthfuls of red or shadows to the mid-drowning of the dream, I died once in the ghost of the sea… Read More ›


I dreamed in Venus a darkness without a place in mistier all-the-dead feet at our bones in our graves the acacia weeps we, like Ophelia, fall then drown but, madness is not without a place the sea waits and severs… Read More ›

fall together.

every crevicetracing whiteof the lonely earth;rock and boneentwine  in the eyes of acanthine leavesall starved in newborn waves; losing or death if we never fall nor dreamand we sit on branch’s bone, and dream’s death,it gives us an offbeat sparrowwhile we, mourning our oceans,see… Read More ›

Visual Verse Publication.

My piece, “I leave in a deeper silence” was published in Visual Verse for their current chapter. This is my first publication with them. It is written under my main pseudonym, and you can read the poem here. My utmost… Read More ›