“Echo” by Jo Kolar.

Potential trigger warning: This poem may have references to acts of self-harm. An echo.That vibrates in a soundless roomThat nicks the wallsThat stains the tubThat crumples the sheetsBut leaves me aloneExcept for the scar on my cheekThe things I do to myselfI don’t know why. To check out more of Jo Kolar’s work, go here.

“Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

Remembering dim roomshushed conversationwhispering those complimentsalmost embarrassedtrying to communicate the reverencethe pure weight of all this feelingwading so deep in love Ah, they’re only moments… Remembering falling rainburied in each other’s coatskissing through smilesdesire whilst laughingbeing perfectly overwhelmed by someonethe greatness that is all-consumingswallowed so deeply by love They’re only momentsso missingso missed Today is… Read More “Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

Eyes #2

A/N: Inspired by this sketch prompt. Eyes  lissom, lost twinned in amnesia of darkness wrapped around the orphaned dream interwoven alone leave me alone; in transient smoke effused light and light then darkness crowned with arms around the stillness & blood-flow in droplets  under the tides to the rocks at sea. © 2020 lucysworks.com All… Read More Eyes #2


Hey, I’ve been trying to talk in the sandbanks of languid darkness, eons of violets caved in embryos a pitfall of resignation; you can never hear my voice, but you will see my eyes shift to the ground spending reflection—who are you, you, you are little known, and that’s okay, as a faceless shore, we… Read More Hey.


Solitude arrayed in language  unnoticed in its death, as the leaves survive  the siege of winter, taloned with wounds rejoicing in the wind. In my dreams, there is silence as the flowers die through our eyes; whispers held, empty, beneath our feet of the grey stone, leave a rock  after death they exist unlike flowers… Read More Eyes.


you’ll always be alone in the city; gone, the final breath in the icy mouths the secret of a lover, in the absence of morning and the affinity of dark at night; a fucked up dream stares left in its presence in the old city lights, warmer than the protestation that rebels against animal bones… Read More City.

Awake (Draft).

In an age                         of watching…             through a mind suffice                         in icy tombs; What word through our own,             to have finally sought                         the black star             that was the world we lived                         sleepless. And, awake.                         Drifting… Silence bare                                     on the dark mid-sea.                                                 The peony masking light… Read More Awake (Draft).