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into loneliness.

I broke away from the ocean, in through our eyes, the waves at high tides, the roccia parts and splits where Moses split the Red Sea. In the womb of wind,           limbs and bones outline the fading star,      and the world seemed to drown in yellow velleities of loneliness. Eyes to the dream, an echo, a bang      in aqueous shivers, bled … Read More into loneliness.

a dream that wasn’t mine.

If ever I were to meetthe dream by sea-green eyesas they sleep, a beveled glassyet a reverie, I would imposeupon those that leftin the legs of wombto a leave-taking of melancholyas death alone drownsas the darkened sunset drowns. A sway of dark weeps,the ocean bleeds in the lithe rockswaddled at the surfdebased into what is leftthat cannot die,It was a dream that wasn’t mine. … Read More a dream that wasn’t mine.

My Monster.

In a dream be it my monster in the eyrie of leave-taking be it my death for the throes into the sea; my monster in the dark lassitude unsure but illuminated in which there is the torpid leg of maple sap warmed with hisses of the sea; my monster through branches befalls me.

“Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

Remembering dim roomshushed conversationwhispering those complimentsalmost embarrassedtrying to communicate the reverencethe pure weight of all this feelingwading so deep in love Ah, they’re only moments… Remembering falling rainburied in each other’s coatskissing through smilesdesire whilst laughingbeing perfectly overwhelmed by someonethe greatness that is all-consumingswallowed so deeply by love They’re only momentsso missingso missed Today is bright, today is dryah, but to feel again that … Read More “Only Moments” by Tom Alexander.

“Silence” by FromtheHeart.

When the quiet hits the roomLike a silent bomb, it arrivesAnd in the silence- a lonely feelIt comes in a pretty disguise. And as you sigh, releasing breath,The day washes right away.But silence in never ending formSometimes brings sadness your way. It can make you think of happier timesOr even the struggles you’ve facedIt can make you feel so lonely too,Or remind you of … Read More “Silence” by FromtheHeart.

“In A Sea Of Lonely Nights” by Kimberly Ray.

A lonely boy in a sea of lonely nightsin that last hour of the daycapturing words he wishes he had saidwriting them downso they’re out of his head Music fills the airsoothing the tensionlessening the cares Take a trip to the other side:what makes the other person tick,what makes them come alive,what’s in their head they’re trying to hide While reaching out for a … Read More “In A Sea Of Lonely Nights” by Kimberly Ray.

For mercy. (Updated with audio recording).

An epilogue of a vista in father’s ocean eyes; the echo of the dream fallen in conniption a chrysalis of fuckery at the mind-felt waves in ice welts; torturing in a quasi-silencing of shame as the wind blows the sail, riffs on the skin, witnessing the passivity of the shore in winter carver; something in your eyes makes me want to forget, in the … Read More For mercy. (Updated with audio recording).

“Independence” by Martin The Poet.

I’m just going to push the boat out,spit some words and mess about.That’s what I love about writing,when you start out you have no idea what to talk about.Then words just appear out of thin air,with flare, with the power of a prayer. Single words can lead to warfareor they can take you from little bear to billionaire.Most people are unaware of the power … Read More “Independence” by Martin The Poet.

Eyes #2

A/N: Inspired by this sketch prompt. Eyes  lissom, lost twinned in amnesia of darkness wrapped around the orphaned dream interwoven alone leave me alone; in transient smoke effused light and light then darkness crowned with arms around the stillness & blood-flow in droplets  under the tides to the rocks at sea. Seller Writing & Translation


Hey, I’ve been trying to talk in the sandbanks of languid darkness, eons of violets caved in embryos a pitfall of resignation; you can never hear my voice, but you will see my eyes shift to the ground spending reflection—who are you, you, you are little known, and that’s okay, as a faceless shore, we do not need to be known.   Console me … Read More Hey.

Alive (to drown).

Original draft. Shudder, these leaves scuffle In the admission of winter In the yellowing stillness That faces you, bleeding mindlessness; You are a fool, you are death, where eyes decipher the plea in the thorns of a mother’s tree, and the godhood in the horizon, that wept in smothered dark, alone in Elysium labor in the embrace the tumult of colors in the sky … Read More Alive (to drown).

“A Side of Me” by Hannah Faulkner.

those thoughts rage ripping the armour, then to arrive at base under fire ambushed and falling I slide to the trench, not where men stood in their barricade boots- not. like. this. at. all- Aware this area I’ve been before where fragments fester inside out but not the bodies the fallen men, not. like. this. at. all- the forlorn cries thirsty turning mild, there … Read More “A Side of Me” by Hannah Faulkner.