isolate the modernities  carnations touch the wind, mocking them, like a cigarette in the abandoned sunlight, the entropy, monstering god-like shores fragmenting ends of the mind, traversing the watery rock for the sea, the mouth left behind from the cave,… Read More ›

Flowers for you.

flowers for you bursting like a ghost; red and white violets that were in a market shop your eyes hunted them and they were yours; as the street calls out in loneliness the telephone replays with your voice engraved in… Read More ›

Look at all the eyes.

Look at all the eyes of humanity and light cry into blood-welling forgotten in unbridled free verse; around the corner that last breath in the mirror moves in dream and desire nigh to each taraxcum dandelion flowering over mother’s relics;… Read More ›

mind’s end.

at mind’s end, the winter sets the dawn, coffee and creamer, while the silent encroachment blossoms in the ripe mist. © 2020 All Rights Reserved.


dreams in the Sahara insanity in the flamenco acedia, I linger in the ocean floor, stripped in fertile silence as frost knows death better than I. the typhoon, the sailor it festers the dying beast of the albatross and the… Read More ›


nude into the enraptured  forbidden sea, behalf the whisper, its madness in autumn at its wake, unknown into the burial of yellow roses, in the tears of ghostly sands, tossing from forgotten sea light silhouetted against torn anamnesis these shadows… Read More ›

The tree of apricot.

the waves in the dying of the dark by frozen, alluring dreams when you’ve never dreamt unsheathed upon each layer of rock that bleeds out by daylight where we see the blood drift, sliced in a sleepwalking geyser the dispensation… Read More ›

Dissonance of a dream.

the dark slithers, betraying the scarlet moon into the mellifluous hunger in each haze,  a new mother of spring, the hills, the silence of untiring wanton blood  broken between each finger and bone, nesting in the shadows in immense maddened… Read More ›

The last thought.

Rocks lay before             the last thought and solipsism; Inside a frost stillness, decaying by the tree; Forbidden—the serpent’s blood betrays             the bone fingers that lay upon stone.                                     Feral. What happened?                                                 Illusory dreams                                                 are mere… Read More ›

Awake (Draft).

In an age                         of watching…             through a mind suffice                         in icy tombs; What word through our own,             to have finally sought                         the black star             that was the world we lived                         sleepless. And,… Read More ›

Ghost street.

A leaf falls Into the monsoon shadows. I turn by the grazed branches Trembling by the dark windows Into the blustering  Of frost and the muzzled crystals that lay Into the black linen on the ground. We are alone in… Read More ›