You handsome devil.

The first chip in the axeis in the ebony winterfingers craving on the freshvein of apples,madness, an old wine, the tender briarof the moon and drunkmorpheus to a shorethat never bleeds;seduction to the redstrawberries / naked insanitiesto veiled black feathers,we’ll not waitfor the moon to commit suicide.Have our tombs,six months in winter,six months in spring; [...]

death, a restless spirit.

Death, you are a restless spirit. Look at the moon. Two hands against the glassthe stentor sea is a violent thing, and she walksinto a dreamt-away night, tumescent and spilling; the moon watches on with cackles and sambas of her own,O’ moon, let your daughter, pithless, step into the world; The rock builds sand; tendons [...]

The sea girls.

peyote ripples uponmy father’s hands,I horde my poems in the melismaof my bare bones within the arboretum and the vagary of the moonshe nocturnes this feeling of death;it’s early winter and the sea girlswormhole into the seato drown; algorithmicthe mirror purports I writ my ghosts in the looking glass,this rite of amnesia, I’ll die in [...]

dream (returning hand in hand).

Black feathers as I dreamed,do not look at me; ebony moonthe lust of the body of the shore,as nightmares, in what I’ve neverknown at all, reflect the Artemis moon;the fat, yellow moon; it’s a blood-huntto the red-hills,and a sea,cocktails of sweatdeath at the ground. There is beauty in the death of thingsin imminent dreaming,for it’s [...]

to grief.

bare-bones / wed to abandoning in-uterofingers; the apple burstslike an appendix / and the seabreast to breast / is a mistressto the Kalahari sun/ mouthing /to my moon“death goes to the worms” / alien touch / my love has gone /threnody and dream, as if the Earth is glass /stranded / to the ghosts /of [...]

Ocean to Ocean.

"Ophelia" painting by John Everett Millais. Ophelia flowers leaving  to the excessive  blindness by the fingernails of psithurism, and trees that inherit the blood red;   ankles sink into the ocean stars come to the end of light—the angry light that feasts  beyond the last bone from the tree,   and dark waves beyond the [...]

Five A.M.

my own deathvineyards of moons,a shallow depthof the sea, Venus sinks,I drowned and criedin my sleep, died like the ocean,born in splitminds,like the magentaof mother’s womb; a vortex of nothingfair and bonyfor the ghostof mine does not grieve these amputations of mind;absence of the moon’s bare-bones, I see the lizard limbsof the moonrise as I [...]

during winters.

the unseen darkness and ghosts of madmen pluck the death in me with lady’s slipper petals; craters of blackberry oyster shells lay at night during winters; the red fingernails of grief, the oceania flowers drowned and in our minds we dissolve like white tombs of the moon. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. First appeared [...]

Free Verse Revolution Publication.

I am beyond happy to announce my first publication with Free Verse Revolution. My poem is entitled "Ocean to Ocean" for FVR's July issue of galaxies, credited under my main pseudonym. My gratitude and appreciation goes to Kristiana Reed for accepting my poem in this month’s theme. You can read it here if you're interested. [...]