street art

death / split bone / a fish vomits / dream; heir or heiress, the yellow trees are fatherless; I remember the troubadour trees and their infant skeletons his blood to each leaf no seduction of the moon when there was no moon to run the drumming of tree molars and the caw of moon-eyed birds,… Read More street art

during winters.

the unseen darkness and ghosts of madmen pluck the death in me with lady’s slipper petals; craters of blackberry oyster shells lay at night during winters; the red fingernails of grief, the oceania flowers drowned and in our minds we dissolve like white tombs of the moon. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. First appeared… Read More during winters.


as through I dream the dying things and brambles hunch with elbows of the moon’s hoofbeats on my white fingers; mouthfuls of red or shadows to the mid-drowning of the dream, I died once in the ghost of the sea you kill me. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Written for the dVerse prompt: Write… Read More drowning.

fall together.

every crevicetracing whiteof the lonely earth;rock and boneentwine  in the eyes of acanthine leavesall starved in newborn waves; losing or death if we never fall nor dreamand we sit on branch’s bone, and dream’s death,it gives us an offbeat sparrowwhile we, mourning our oceans,see the mindthat makes the root of madnessor rock, we could neverfall together. © 2020 All… Read More fall together.