“Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

She must be a queen of innocent eyesShe must’ve sweet smell of incenseShe must be a stunning beautyShe must be a quiet music of all your poetry. But she chose her own path, not with you, might be with someone elseI’m sure you must’ve helped her in that alsoAnd masked your scratched, bleeding heart with a fake pleasant smileYou’ve suppressed this with all your rock … Continue reading “Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

Poem Collaboration! (Closed).

Hello everyone. First of all, I want to thank each and everyone one of you for your participation on my blog—through each like, comment, reblog, and submission—it has not been unnoticed. I thank everyone for giving me the encouragement to keep writing and posting, along with helping me keep this blog alive. I thought I would have to put a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) note … Continue reading Poem Collaboration! (Closed).

Collaboration Poem Ends In One Week.

Hello and Happy Earth Day everyone. I hope you are all doing well and safe wherever you are. There is only one week left until my poem collaboration closes. The theme concerns of freedom, how it impacts you, and what it means to you. It is a collaborative effort from the WordPress Community to create a poem all together during these trying times and social … Continue reading Collaboration Poem Ends In One Week.

Let us (Draft).

Let us speak in exotic gestures Moving through the descent Of a dream, this silent mind escapes Through the recurrent dismal shadows In the memory; A cigarette in a dance, while you never speak There is silence in a tribe Scraping to kill each other slowly Leaving, you’re leaving in the dark archipelago, The ghost in the isthmus Upon mercy covered in blood Kicking like … Continue reading Let us (Draft).