in the echoes to the moonrise and flowers  they look like hand-bones, eclipsed into cursive cold-blooded writ; lucent dream a pilgrimed father at the seabed of darkness, his bones touch the skull-fish; the ghost of owl forgets his repetitions it holds its wings into the winter moon blood-red, it rooks the dying and the tree,… Read More moon.

fall together.

every crevicetracing whiteof the lonely earth;rock and boneentwine  in the eyes of acanthine leavesall starved in newborn waves; losing or death if we never fall nor dreamand we sit on branch’s bone, and dream’s death,it gives us an offbeat sparrowwhile we, mourning our oceans,see the mindthat makes the root of madnessor rock, we could neverfall together. © 2020 All… Read More fall together.