Tag: Go Dog Go


squander red rockalone the ladyand darknessto the tidesdislocate Apollo,to pares of boneswed to grief;I shatter likethe blue mooninto fall’s handsin the fingertipsof flowers that were not mine& ghost planetsand shiversreserved to thedeath […]


the moon kissesus both; knowingthe white tumuli of bloodat our feetis ours; in a dream,I’ve been the meronymyof ocean to ocean; I would see the black starsand their explosionsinto a sea of […]

first, nor last.

first nor last beneath the surface of the night the technical waves slam and whiten the wails of the fingers of each moon and tomb; I dreamed I wanted nothing at all […]


in the echoes to the moonrise and flowers  they look like hand-bones, eclipsed into cursive cold-blooded writ; lucent dream a pilgrimed father at the seabed of darkness, his bones touch the skull-fish; […]

fall together.

every crevicetracing whiteof the lonely earth;rock and boneentwine  in the eyes of acanthine leavesall starved in newborn waves; losing or death if we never fall nor dreamand we sit on branch’s bone, and dream’s death,it gives […]