“Fight Again” by Anonymous.

I lay on the ground, my body coldAs I can feel my soul lose its holdI try to get up, but fallUselessDefeatedI let my soul loosen its gripAs I fallFall deeperBut then I remembered everythingI remember why I’m doing thisWho I’m fighting forWhy I’m doing thisWhat I’m doingSo I pull my soul back inLetting it [...]

“Darkness” by ShaePoems.

You taught me that there is good and bad in this God awful place. But now you're gone Now all can I see is darkness All I can feel is the cold stone that keeps me from crumbling, I can only taste the cold dry air that threatens to take my life. All because I [...]

“Rainbows Last Forever” by Kshitij.

You remain, forever,in little things lostand found again. You do remain, foreverin the moments past,and smiles frozen. You have, do, and will remain, foreverin your Shattered dreams andMy broken promises, like a light, little leaffallen on the dustto kiss it life, or like a gust of windmeant to blow itaway from me as wicked moments [...]

of memory.

I am dream-bound      to the weeping mother of an ocean shore, my shadow is darker      than the prose tree of mind and desire           a prospect of inner lunacy and death;      the clam’s mouth is lighter between the sun, into the silence of blue willows      to the inmost bones of creation [...]

“My Mistakes” by PatBunny.

I made a mistake so far in the past,And the guilt, oh how it lasts and it lasts! The pain, the punishment, and the tears,Standing in front of me all these years. I'm like a thread, frayed at the end.Broken, because I lost a trusted friend. My stupid mouth betrayed my private thoughts.Now my stomach's [...]

“Letters From Her” by Kate.

Letters from Her: A Collection Female infanticide. The deliberate killing of newborn female children is a serious problem in India… This is a letter in a form of poetry from a girl who was killed and thrown in a trashcan by her parents. A letter written from a girl who was thrown into a trashcan [...]