of memory.

I am dream-bound

to the weeping mother

of an ocean shore,

my shadow is darker

than the prose tree

of mind and desire

a prospect of inner lunacy

and death;

“The Rainbow Room” by ikwords.

I turn and proceed to the next one, a small two-story house on the corner. The rich forest-green walls are caked with grimy mud at the bottom. I move forward dexterously, and soon I am through the door, my gun held up in front of me. “Team 294 present. By the New Law, you must show yourself,” I recite, scanning the room for signs of life.

“Letters From Her” by Kate.

Female infanticide. The deliberate killing of newborn female children is a serious problem in India… This is a letter in a form of poetry from a girl who was killed and thrown in a trashcan by her parents. A letter written from a girl who was thrown into a trashcan –