As I Mourn a Flower.

As the rose adorns The mourning river secedes in Yorkshire skies. I give my love to the flower of pears, In velvet array on the vineyards, A vestige in a nightly soul Passed by a little eye of the moon… Read More ›

Autumn Leaves.

The meadows winded from gold, As the dawn of the early day sets To the death of the gale Between the droplets of mist Angled by the trees. It came as the silent Shadows that budded from Its flesh and… Read More ›

The Watchful Sea Beyond.

And when the still heart begins, Upon the droplets of the eminent ocean That whisked dead moons, courtly, upon love, That been deaf as the tides and their faintly moments With sorrowful wind, moved. When the still heart begins, The… Read More ›

Pale to the Wind, I Drift.

I’d laid my hand, pale to the moans of wind, Wearily drifting; and life is a dark flame That could make the wilts of flowers wraith Among the eidolons of passing dreams. I’d laid my hand off to the forgiven… Read More ›

Must I Un-Wish?

(Must I un-wish?) The rash of the Hebrides, and its wrath, The son of lands, and lands amazed, That sheer a composition, in the fair hands, Of Mendelssohn that grown from the stems, And tendrils, furtive maelstrom in sound, And… Read More ›

And Wishes Are That.

And the children do play, And wishes are that; at once where we know, Absence of serious affairs and even careful cares, But, they must dream very still. We are older. We can count the very life of minutes, And… Read More ›