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“Ballade for the Ultimate Seeker” by Stavyah.

Like the Sun that shines, radiating bright light, a guru disseminates thoughts lofty and wise. Using his power, directness, and mystical might, pulls you out of every single and dangerous vice. Get closer to your guru, feel the spiritual rise, an elevation that could get you to the worlds beyond; but if you utter untruths or say blatant lies, a guru will not deride … Read More “Ballade for the Ultimate Seeker” by Stavyah.

“Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

Groomed with anchors of girth in youth, Pierced from the centre; a silver in the rough Native fires brimming in her heart Like an imago, queuing birth. My lives are a mystery and everynow, here! I’m a gem of promise, Often a want, amidst the midst of sufferings. A potent of the earth, wafted of perseverings and, sprinkling of godly waters delivered untaintedly, to … Read More “Patience Ignites” by Benyin.

“Story” by Elle Wilson.

Story Once upon a time Is how stories usually begin Promising adventures In worlds unknown Even though it’s just paper Markings And ink It can take you across the world And back In time for dinner Pull out a flashlight For late at night Get hooked on the characters And love them  And cry for them Wishing that you could be with them You … Read More “Story” by Elle Wilson.

out of reach.

A wish, these solitudes in dark wept, midnight                exits in a dream, torturing you; emerges      in oceans, as if the face of the sea-light                is in a trance of wander, a dark mind urges       this end of game; the half-lit stretch devours death quietly in hyacinth winter as we left;                a rock rises along the carved windfall, disowned by … Read More out of reach.

“Yes You Can” by Satyen Hombali.

Yes you can Cut off my tongue But no you can’t Stifle the songs unsung Of my seared soul Yes you can Cut off my hand But no you can’t Ignore the demand Of my sinewy stump Yes you can Cut off my legs But no you can’t Sever the steely pegs Of my rebel spirit Yes you can Take away my rights But … Read More “Yes You Can” by Satyen Hombali.

“Independence” by Martin The Poet.

I’m just going to push the boat out,spit some words and mess about.That’s what I love about writing,when you start out you have no idea what to talk about.Then words just appear out of thin air,with flare, with the power of a prayer. Single words can lead to warfareor they can take you from little bear to billionaire.Most people are unaware of the power … Read More “Independence” by Martin The Poet.

“I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

When I was still waiting for you, you called me to say “Let’s break up!” I thought you were playing a prank on me; But it was the worst I felt when you really meant it. I am cursing myself, it shouldn’t be in my fate! You had reasons to quit me, but I have reasons to rebuild! Can you please listen to me? … Read More “I still exist!” by Offshore Writer.

“Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

She must be a queen of innocent eyesShe must’ve sweet smell of incenseShe must be a stunning beautyShe must be a quiet music of all your poetry. But she chose her own path, not with you, might be with someone elseI’m sure you must’ve helped her in that alsoAnd masked your scratched, bleeding heart with a fake pleasant smileYou’ve suppressed this with all your … Read More “Closed Eyes” by Navnidhi Vyas.

Ice dark (the world is dreaming).

lie across the taurobolium at the motherless spring without feeling, without breath; pale mulberries infiltrate the wind in ice dark of obscured dreams by the sea-green void, vanishing by the surf, as the fresh dew slumbers in the whiteness of morning exorcised with twigs of the dying trees.  flicker with the nightly, strange sea, the augur bleeds madly onto the sand behind the betrayed … Read More Ice dark (the world is dreaming).

His eyes.

Leopard’s paws white like scolecite stones faceted to fingernails to the death of the wild, a resemblance to a beast, a blaze of light, and to the gods, their hand in life and death; feral blood, extinction, a feeling of a dream in crystal architect reading the skylight, gathering life in the leaves during the summer months. In the leaves and illume from the … Read More His eyes.

Forgotten (to silence).

Stare at the ceiling, I am an afterthought, dreams cast forgotten memories in twilight’s tongue rivaling alone the silence of the world that pretends to be still, when it’s fucking not; I wake in the room alone, I intend to sleep; in weakness, the oeuvre is loneliness as it slips bloodily on begotten words undefined to fragile oaths in dark’s pariah in a mistrusted … Read More Forgotten (to silence).

“A Story of Hope” by Kimberly Ray.

A writer yearns to tell their story, any story,that will stand the test of timefull of hardships conqueredand inspire generations with hope. The story shall feel whimsical,not so much with fairies dancingbut that there is a happy ending. The story shall have brevity,not so much as a long weathered talebut one that details just enough. The story shall be one that others dream ofand … Read More “A Story of Hope” by Kimberly Ray.