Use or be of use.

Shameless self promo for my “The Obsession” short chapter series. It’ll no longer be on Kindle Vella, but rather WebNovel due to an episode being blocked, messing up the order/formatting of the chapters.

Coffee Drinking 79

Amazing drawings by AuAu, including the chaotic siblings, Tom and Lauren, from my collaborative novel, Identify.

I might end up writing a scene for the art.

star or rain.

merciless as the moon-hung
with cigarette burns and stars;
what I’d give
to billow smoke
twirling lips through
the telephone, a bloodbath

Novel Collaboration (“Identify”): Chapter 1.

It’s not a comfortable silence; a tableau of images coursed through him like a dark wash of blood and glassy eyes gating towards him. He didn’t understand the complexity of what he saw, and shaking, he started to shiver on the floor, feeling mounted towards the absolute of death.

She crouched down with him, surveying his eyes. He felt he was bleeding out, and before he could get a word in, she gently put the cigarette on his lips, told him to puff. He coughed. His legs swayed, his ribs jammed and compacted. Most of all, he felt trapped in a faint chill that squeezed his eyes open and closed.

“Take the cig, Tom, and give it a kiss for me.”

“Book-Covers” by The Magpie Fancier.

Marion steadily drummed her fingers on the metal desktop. It was a trick that she had picked up many years ago, something that kept her grounded and relaxed in tense situations. Marion had always found rhythms and patterns to be calming. Of course, some people around her found it a little annoying.

It certainly seemed to be annoying Colonel Blythe. He shot her a stern glance, which she of course ignored. She decided that it served him right, for taking such a deliberately long time to read through the documents she’d brought.

He was clearly unhappy about the whole situation. For a man like him, handing over control of such a delicate military situation to anyone else would be unthinkable. Being forced to hand over to a female civilian, on the wrong side of forty-five, with a name like Marion would be particularly insufferable.

But he couldn’t, and wouldn’t, defy the orders written in that beige dossier.